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Friday, September 2, 2011

Book Review

If you are looking for some fun read alouds to read to
your young children then take a look at this book.
Read Me a Story Please. This book is filled with 50
fun stories. They are written in Fairy tale style but these
are no fairy tales that you have heard before or that
your children have heard, which makes for great
read aloud time. They are short enough to keep the
attention of your 5 year old.

One such story is called Tool Trouble at Smallbills Garage.
Mike makes a terrible mess while working on his cars
find out the clever way he cleans it all up. Hmm might
be an idea for clean up here at home.

Another fun one is called Huffing and Puffing by Vivian
French. This story is a series of letters written to
a mother wolf by her son who is learning how to blow
the house down in school.

Or perhaps you'd like to read How the animals got their
tails? by Anne English. I can't wait to find out how?

Snuggle up with your young ones and have some fun
reading some silly tales.



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