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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Book Review Cheerios

I really enjoy books for Toddlers that get them really
involoved with the book. The interaction that a book
like this can provide goes a long way in keeping a
toddlers attention. As a parent I am looking for things
that can keep my toddler busy and can teach her a
new skill. I found this jem Cheerios playbook at a
yard sale for 5 cents. The man selling them had a
box of board books that looked like no one had touched
them all for 5 cents each. I pretty much bought the entire
box. The books have been a joy to my daughter
ever since.

The Cheerios Play book can be found at Amazon. "Sweet
pea" played with this book this week during our Toddler time.
It was a part of her concept basket. The pages are set up
with places to place real cheerios into the pages. You can
Put wheels on a car and other fun activities . Great
fine moter practice. At the bottom of the amazon page
I was excited to see that there is also a Halloween
cheerios book, a counting book with cheerios and
a sun maid raisins. I'd love to take a peek at the
raisin book. I'll be looking for that one.



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