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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The book of Virtues

I just started reading The Book of Virtues to my boys and I
am loving it already. Some of the stories and poems are a
little complex for the Kindergartener but it is working out
just fine anyway. This book is a treasury of Great Moral
Stories. Inside you will find Self Discipline, Compassion,
Responsibility, Friendship, work, courage, perseverence,
honesty, loyalty, and Faith.

We started out by reading the story of Please by Alicia
Aspinwall. Spirit thought this was silly. We ended with a
family contest to see who could say please the most.
It was a tough battle but the Spirit won the race. Probably
because he isn't able to get things as easily as the others
so had lots of oppurtunities to ask. It wasn't long before
the baby was saying please too. Peass.

You can find a copy of the Book of Virtues on




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