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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ABC Animal Race

This is a fun animal race. I got the idea from our K12
curriculum . They called it Animal Antics. Animal Antics is
running around to cones and acting like an animal until
you reach the next cone. It was so much fun and so
fun watching. "Superboy joined in too. AFter the race We took it a
bit farther. I taped ABC animals to blocks. The animal picture
cards came from this site.
I printed out one for each letter of the alphabet except
for X since there didn't seemed to be one. Superboy later
thought of an X-ray fish.

When they tired of that game I had Spirit go around
and find each animal starting with a certain letter of the
alphabet. Since it was spaced over a wide area of the yard
this was much exercise in itself.

Then we put it in ABC order on the porch. I was
pleased with how dedicated he was at finding them and
putting them in order.

I wish I had thought to tape them to the Letter block that
they matched with but maybe next time. I'm not even
sure that I have all of the letters.



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