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Friday, August 12, 2011

Writers Notebook


Many of us shake and quiver at the thought of writing.
We may enjoy blogging or journal writing as adults but to
teach it just makes ones skin crawl. It is especially frustrating
when you have a creative child and yet they are not writing.
He tells stories to me just about daily but putting those thoughts
to paper just seems like an impossible task, until now.

Over this past summer, I spent it reading many books on writing ,
reading blogs on writing and researching online articles about
you guessed it writing and I think, think ,think that I will be
able to teach my son how to write. I am feeling confident
about the task and I hope to share with you our journey.

I’d like to include my readers with this meme called
Writing Wonder which will not just include my son but all levels
of writing. This year I will be teaching to a toddler,
a kindergartener, a 5th grader and a high school student.
If you have a blog entry to share on writing then add
your link in the comments section.

Before we are beginning to write I wanted a way to organize our
writing material. I want this to be a place where we can keep
all of our work and look at how much we improve as we go
a record of our year in writing. I decided on a writing notebook.
First I wanted his/our tools in the notebook since pencil loss
seems to be a huge problem here. Just about as bad as
those missing socks in the dryer. I think I have a sock and pencil
thief. The very front of each of our notebooks will hold a pencil bag.
(With my son in mind as he losses everything he touches)
Inside the pencil bag I have included several pencils as I
can imagine his will go missing after a bit despite my best efforts.
We also put in pens, highlighters, small post it notes, erasers,
and a mini pencil sharpener. We can add things to it as we see fit.
This writers notebook possibly would look a bit like a writing
center in a classroom.

I didn’t have page dividers on hand so I decided to use
different colored file folders as the dividers. If you are doing
this cut your file folders in half. You may have to size them down
to fit the three ring binders you are putting them in. Then
hole punch your dividers. You can decorate them if you like and
create label tabs for each section. I created writing sections
for five different categories but you may add more if you find
a need. I created a table of contents with each being connected
to a color folder. This will help in finding his/our information.
Below are a list of the writing tabs and my thought on their uses.

Writing Tools- This will be where my son will keep rubrics,
checklists on writing and graphic organizers. We will place them
in as we find the need and put them in clear protection plastic
so they can be written on with a dry erase pen and reused later.

My Journal- This one is self explainitory. There will be times
when they can write whatever they like and times I
assign something to them. I created a journal from a notebook
for myself so that I can write alongside them. (More on this in
the future. )

Best Writing- This area will be used for our best writing
assignment. There will a process in choosing these special pages.

In Progress- These are pieces of writing that are in the process
of being worked upon. They may be pieces not completed or
pieces that we may come back to at a later time.

Literature- This is an area to write about literature that we have
read together or on his/her own.

Word list- Word list are list of words to help with creative
writing and idea points. (More on this at a later date)

And one that I don’t have in our notebook but thought I
may add is Poetry. Have you ever used a writer’s notebook yourself?
If you have what was included in yours.

(PS this will be posted Thursdays I'm running a little late this week. :)
Add your writing adventures to the comments section )


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