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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Where to Start...

It has been a somewhat emotional week. It was the
end of a time and the beginning of the old and new.
I spent the last few days at work just enjoying the wonderful
group of ladies I work for and the children that attend. I
am going to miss them so much. There is a possibility that
I will be back there one day. It has been left open for me to
do so which is extremely nice of them. It has been
a wonderful place to work. At times I hesitate to leave
completely. God will show me what to do.

It is funny because I wanted to be home again so much
but now it feels bittersweet. Sweet because I can
be with my children again all day. Bitter because I have
made a lot of really great friends. Who I hope to keep.

"The beginning of the old and new" Might not make
sense to you. I guess what I mean is that I know
this experience of staying home so it is something
"old hat" to me. New too because there is so many
things different, such as Daddy's health risks,
job insecurity (although he is back I am still unsure),
heart starting college and sweet pea starting toddler
hood. So many wonderful experiences to try and
some that are scary but are probably in our future.
No one knows what the future will hold and there
is no sense in trying to guess. We will take the
days as they come.

and so it begins again.




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