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Monday, August 29, 2011

What is Toddler Time?

My little sweet girl “Sweet Pea “is two. She has
grown entirely to fast already. I know too well how
fast children move from each step of childhood.
“Sweet Pea’s” development has gone pretty much on
target. She started walking when she should be walking
and her fine motor skills are astonishing. She has been
beading small beads for quite some time now. However
her speech is a bit delayed. She is possibly saying 10
words or less but has proven time again that she
understands what we are saying to her. She has created
almost her own type of sign language. ( should have taught her
the real thing) It is almost comical watching her explain
when she doesn’t like something. Odd noises come
out as she acts out the scenario. Our pediatrician is
not concerned about this lack of language. She feels
that any day she will just begin talking. There are times
that oddly enough entire sentences come out only
to not be heard again.

Naturally when I started planning for our upcoming school
year I wondered what I could do with “Sweet Pea” while
the others are having their lessons. I will need much
constant time with a beginner reader (Spirit). I wanted to
make sure I had the time to hone in on some of her
language issues besides the usual talking to her and
repetition. Plus I wanted to make sure that I had time
for her each and every day in some way with her being
the 5th and smallest child. So, with her in mind I created
Toddler Time.

How Toddler time works:

Toddler time is broken into week long activities.
There are seven different activities that are to
be completed within that week time. It doesn't
matter if I do one per day or more than one as
long as we work together those 7 times that week.

The weeks are set up that Some overlap into the
following month but are generally a big part of that
particular month. I thought I may write the date
above the week just for my own information in planning.
Another words part of the days in August might be
added to september to create full weeks. The lesson
plan sheets are set up this way. In case you seem
confused by the charts. You can get your own
Toddler time Activity sheets and planning pages
in my file for share. It is expained more in there.

Toddler Time Activity and Planning pages

When she completes all 7 activities each week
my child will receive a sticker for that week.

If we are on vacation a particular
week then we will mark that on the week but I think
toddler time is simple enough that we can continue
through. It doesn't matter what day of the week
the activities are completed or in which order.

Below are the activities broken down for you.

Reading 20 minutes- Reading with a toddler
can be difficult but there are fun ways to do this with
your child. Create a space for your little one that is
relaxing and without distraction. Read throughout the
day don’t try 20 minutes at once. Choose short books
that will build vocabulary. Reading doesn’t always mean
reading. Engaging in the book by pointing out pictures
is vocabulary building as well. There are 4 reading blocks
per week for reading time. However with "Sweet Pea" we
will probably read everyday.

On the back of the monthly activity page is the planning page.
(you can print it that way or have it seperate.) On the planning
page you will find a book list area.
This is a place you can write books you want to read
to your toddler or the books you did read. I plan to use
ours as a record of the stories we read together.

Sharing Rhymes and songs-
Choose rhymes and songs your toddler can
participate in and along with you. Repeat the same few
for the entire month. Little ones enjoy the repetition
even if parents do not. I created a list of a few
simple rhymes that we may use this year.
Many will be added as we go.
Finger plays and songs

Art- You can choose what your
little one can do. You know your toddler the best and
know his or her abilities. Some ideas might be play dough,
finger painting with pudding, gluing shapes, sticking
stickers, coloring, and stamping. Try not to give young
ones a set example let them create and have fun with
an open ended result. On the planning page you will
find an area to plan your art. This way you can be sure
to have the supplies on hand.

*Note: I also took a post it note and attached it to each
month with the supplies I need or any preparations.
This will help when I am busy with older children.

Concept Basket- This is how I plan
to set up my concept basket.You can do yours to fit
your needs. My older children have workboxes but I
think for my toddler a free for all basket might be
best. I hope to put in a few new toys or activities for
her to play with. Things she can do alone after
possibly some guidance from mom. That mom
time is important too but then a self exploration
is needed as well. See what happens. We will play in
the concept basket on Monday and then I will leave
it out for the week for her to play in it alone.
It will be put away on Saturday
evening so I can prepare it for the surprise on the
following Monday. (Planning pages for your concept
basket are on the back page along with the book list
and art activities.)

Basket ideas to get you started:
Items for tactile sensation, large wooden beads, and
cards with animal pictures, family photo book, blocks,
animals, clothes pins and jar. Anything my tiny tot
can do alone.

This is a view of the planning pages. I left my book Lists
blank as I plan to fill them in as we read to see what
we complete and how our reading changes as the year goes.
I also wrote in pencil so that I could erase or change it
if I find other ideas we'd like to try instead. Sometimes
the blogs are full of great ideas.

Filling in the chart- For my child’s
chart I plan to check off the activities we complete.
On the back worksheet of the Toddler time guide is
the planning page for mom. By the end of the year
I will have a fun record of all that my child did. The
milestone box at the bottom of the page is to
mark those things that she exceeded in. Such as
words she now says or a gross motor activity she
can now complete. It is to keep me motivated and
a record for my little one as a memory. My intentions
are to post Toddler time activities on Monday along
with Tot school. You may use our activities or create
your own. Just remember don’t make the activities
to hard for your little one or to school like. This is
meant as some fun time with mom.




  1. I love your ideas.... can u share more on the activitis like art what did you do everyday? I have difficulty when i have to homeschool my 3 year old and then I don't know what to do with my 19 months as she love to do the same as her sister and she will disturb our Home school and i can't concentrate for my older kid.


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