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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What Curriculum will you use?

The homeschool Question of the season. It's the question
you hear all over just before the start of school. Home
educators are all asking What curriculum will you use for that?

We have used from the very beginning and will continue to
use Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School. (PAVCS)

Why did we choose PA Virtual?

High Quality Curriculum

Much of the curriculum is provided. I feel K12 is a high quality
curriculum. My children enjoy the way it is laid out.

I wanted support that I could count on in the event
that I needed help while teaching. I am still my child's
main learning coach but I have the ability to call
upon "teachers" or tutors to fulfill my child/children's
needs. We can have instant tutoring online or even
answers in email . There are also classes for moms/dads to take,
which is always encouraging.

I want to send out a Special thanks to Mr. Ford for
helping Princess with her math. You have a special
way of showing her that she is able to understand.
She has learned so much from you.
Thank you for all your time with her.

"It takes a village to raise a child"
Why not a whole educational one.

Family support needed:

Again with the village...Daddy was uncomfortable home
educating. He felt I would be completely alone but was willing
to try out the Cyber School. I think he was concerned because
of his learning disabilities. He knew how hard it was for
him to learn and he wanted to make sure that we
were able to provide many choices. We have Cyber schooled
now for the last 7 years.

Able to reach each learning style

I have freedom to teach as it fits the needs of each
child. I just check the lesson objectives and choose
the best way to present an activity to my children.
K12 presents lessons with different learning styles in
mind. I am able to then choose the way that works
best for my child. We can vary or take some things
out as needed. Perhaps put things in as well, which
we often do. There is freedom in cyber schooling.

Planning is simple

Much of it is planned out for me already. A lot of the grunt work
is done. I just use the guide as an outline as to what we will learn.
How I present it is up to me. It take me about 2 hours on Saturday
to look over material. Add in what I like, take out what I like,
grade papers and create their learning schedule for the week.

Where is God?
Despite the fact that this is a public school I still
am able to teach bible . However
often I find it comes up within the curriculum anyway.
My children are raised as Christians so the questions come
easily through the day. If curriculum doesn't match our beliefs
we discuss that as it comes to us and I present what
we do believe. Great opportunities to learn what we
are against in this world.

With that this is the curriculum we will use this year

Princess- Grade 8
Pa Virtual
Math -Algerbra A
General language Course
History- World History
Science- Earth Science
Technology course
Physical Education- Focus Co-op
Art-Focus Co-op
Music- Focus Co-op
Health-(Not provide by cyber school Mom is
working on a plan)
Bible- Say what you mean by Jo Jo

Superboy 5th grade
Pa Virtual
4th grade language
+ Barton reading and spelling program
Rest of curriculum is 5th grade
Physical education- Focus Co-op
Monday classes with Holly in September-Oct.
Health- moms plan
Art- Focus and Cyber
Music- Focus and Cyber
Bible- Undecided

Spirit Age 5
Pa Virtual
Physical education -Focus co-op
Health moms plan
Art- Focus and Cyber
Music- Focus and Cyber
Bible -ABC of Old testament

Sweet pea age 2
Toddler time
(More on this later)

PS if you are living in Pennsylvania and are instested in Pa
Virtual please send me a message and I am able to
request material to be sent to you .

God Bless


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