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Monday, August 22, 2011

Toddler Time

Young Toddlers are so amazing. They are growing
and learning each and every minute of the day.
They can be silly, cranky,demanding, giggly, lovable, and
teary all within a few minutes time. It's so much
fun watching them grow and exciting to watch
when they finally understand something new.

The toddler age for me is the age I love the most.
I love showing little ones things they have never noticed
before. Each new object or activity can keep them
engaged for hours or seconds. You just never know.

Not knowing is part of the reason I created Toddler time.
With 5 children and "Sweet Pea" being the youngest
it is often hard to enjoy time with her that isn't
rushed from one activity to another. I wanted to
make sure that I made the time for her because
she is well worth it.

I am sure you are wondering what Toddler time is
all about and you will find out...

Next week and each Monday after I will share our Toddler
time activities with you. It's also a great excuse
to take lots of photos of my little tot. You can follow
our program with us or you can create your own plan,
using my planning guide sheets.

Our activities will be geared toward a 2 year old
inquisitive little girl.

So Don't forget Stop back to find out all about
Toddler Time!!

Blessings Nikki


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