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Monday, August 15, 2011

Mom's Journal- Staying Put

As of Today this is my last week of work. I know
how important it is to be at home with my children.
It can be difficult to have a relationship with them.
It is more difficult when you aren't there
most of the day. I remember to well how it felt for
my parents to always be working. I love them both so much
and wanted to spend time with them even if it didn't
always seem that way.


For a time mom was home with me when
I was young. I remember the smells, the house and the
well being I felt. We had fun dancing to records,
baking cookies , making shrinky dinks and I even
remember us gardening. I had a little shovel to dig in the
dirt with, I imagine it was more to keep me busy so
mom could get something done . I remember these
small things more than the big. I know there
were big beach trips and camping activities. Yet
I remember the little moments with them the most.
I think those little moments matter. They shouldn't
be under estimated.

and so I won't.On Aug. 19th I will be home again.
I still want to find away to help someway with the
income but I hope to station myself right here where
I belong and where they belong. One day to soon
they will fly away. I want to sit in each moment
and make it last.

God Bless,



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