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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kindergarten Recognition

Before we start Kindergarten next week I wanted a way to
keep track of what Spirit knows as far as his language
skills go. I want to make sure that he is understanding
a concept well before we move on. I am just that type of
orderly personalitly. I like to see things all together plus
I think it would be fun for him to see this later on.

Before we begin phonics the most important thing is for
him to know all of his capital letters. Lower case are
part of our curriculum and the letter sounds. As you can see
he knows most of the letter names but is missing a few
we will work on those first. I tried to show him the lower
case but I noticed he was referring to the upper case
chart so I stopped. I'll have to create flash cards
seperate before we test on those.

Learning the letter sounds is so important and this is
why I want to keep close watch on them. I can also
at a later time reprint the sheets and try again as a
review to make sure he has them down really well
before we move on.

Letters, sounds, sight
The file itself is called letters and is also accessable
in my side bar in file for share.

I created one as well for our basic site words. I
printed this one three times . One for tallys and one for
able to read, and one for able to spell. The tallys will represent the
number of times that he read and viewed the letter.
This will occur 5 times within 5 different days before we
will move ahead to the next word. We will work on
three words at a time.

If you would like the worksheets above for your own
records you can download them


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