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Friday, August 26, 2011

Keep and Store You Childs Art

I love my Children. I love everything they do and say, even
when it really isn't something to love. With all the
school papers around it can become a paper nightmare.
Especially when it is something a child has drawn on and
would like you to keep. You might hang it somewhere
for a bit but then what. If you throw it away yourself
you might get some complaints if it is found later in
the exit pile. You will be met with a big pouty frown.

As a Mom I don't want to be discouraging. So what
are we to do with all that creative work.

Display It- First and foremost Display it. Art is meant to
be seen. Create an area or a special place for art to
be presented. It could be as simple as your refrigerator,
or a clothesline in your school room. You could also
find a special area for framed work , an empty hallway
perhaps. The framed work can change when other
special pieces are presented. Try these
Store and Display Cabinets. They hold up to 50

Mail it- Suggest to your child to mail their work.
You can mail it to grandparents or other family
members who may want to keep it as their own
special keep sake from your child. You could also
write a thank you on the back and mail it to local
business that your child enjoys. My son often
hands out his art to his church family friends.

File it- Each year of school my children decorate
a folder created from a piece of poster board.
We fold it in half and staple the sides shut. For
larger pieces you can use the entire board and
tape the sides with some box tape.

Purge and Clean- If a child completes
some art they'd like to keep but not display or mail
then we put it in the folder . We keep this folder
the entire year and then at the end of the
year we go through our art keeping only those
that are the most special to them. Sometimes
they are willing to throw something out that
they perhaps made at the beginning of the year.
You can also create a limit on the keep pile.

Display it again- After this purge and
clean stage have an art open house or a co-op open
House to display their art creations from the year.

Scrapbook it- Once your keep pieces are determined
decide which ones fit into your scrapbook. Mom
you don't need to complete this yourself. Enlist
your creative ones to help put it together.

Take a photo- If the piece is to large to keep or
awkward like a sculpture then take a photo of
it ,put it in your scrapbook and throw the item out.

Chest or trunk- Store the scrapbook, large pieces and
sculptures you just can't throw away. Wrap in tissue
paper . Keep in a room temperature environment.
Garages, basements, and attics often fluctuate
in temperature and may ruin all of your hard work.



  1. Some really cute ideas! I really like the mail it idea...I know lots of family members who would treasure little projects. :)

    Stopping in and following from the workbox group.



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