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Monday, August 8, 2011

Job Change

I watched my children play yesterday. Really watched

I gave my notice at my part time job. It's a
little scary to say the least. Daddy is back at the lumber
company, which you may know. We are hoping he can
stay for a long time or at least until he can find something
a little less physical. That type of activity isn't good for him
day in and day out. For now though it is work. I've gotten
sort of used to having some money in my pocket that belongs
solely to me.
I know that sounds a little selfish but it was nice for
a time. That money in my pocket and being really
here with my children definitely outweighs the other. I didn't
know how much I loved being home with them until
I couldn't be there all of the time. I have much work to do here.
I have left so many things go in discipline and in the care
of our home. I am ready to dig back in and with a
Mothers heart that only God could give me. I didn't
even realize that I had stepped back from it.

I just pray that we made the right choice financially.
My hope is to be able to take some classes online and
make a change for us. I want to plan for a career that I
will be able to do from my home. You just never know
when your spouse may be off or scary to say but gone.
It's good to have a back up plan. That's what these
classes would be my back up plan. I have much
research to do to find that right school for me and if
we can afford the classes.

Oh and PS...Heart bought her first car Saturday. I am so
excited for her. She saved enough all on her own and bought
it with her money. She is so proud of it. Now
she will have to get that drivers license. I expect
it to happen soon. She is doing really well with driving.
Probably only needs to practice parking some more.

Time changes so much. Soon my oldest will be in college.

God Bless


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