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Saturday, August 27, 2011

High school and Beyond

Before School starts each year we begin
to prepare our hearts and our children . We pray.
We shop for supplies, we set up areas for study,
and we select curriculum. Much of this is done for
young children but what about our teens. How
can we prepare them for School.

First pray. Pray for guidance for yourself this year
for patience, understanding and wisdom . This may
just be the year your child knows more than you.
Pray over your child. Pray for his or her future
choices. This is a time of independance and change.
It can be a confusing time for parents and teens.
Encourage your teen to pray for his/her needs as well
and if you are not sure they prayed then pray
over them some more.

Allow them to set up and personalize an area
of study. Allow them the freedom to study where
they are most comfortable. Set up ground rules about
what is to be done in that area. Such as no TV, no
Cell phone, no facebook or perhaps no music. I allow music.
As long as it is not a distraction to them then it is allowed
in our home. You choose you know your child. You can
always allow it on a trial basis and if it doesn't work
then move on. You could also be very specific such

as only during math will you allow music or facebook
over lunch etc...

Let your student choose their supplies. I bought
the bulk of the items for my children when they
weren't along but did take Princess to pick out her
own planner. Over the years I have worked very
hard to get her to the point of greater independance.
School is no different. She chooses her courses and
will now schedule her days.

Independance should
be moving into other areas of life as well. As you
are organizing your household make sure you have
your teen beside you. This can be an everyday activity
it doesn't need to be set up as a lesson but you will
feel more confident in them as adults one day if you
teach it to them now. One day soon your child will be
on their own. Teens should know by now basic care of
the home, Cooking, laundry, etc.. Begin to walk them
through other situations that may come up
such as a plumbing problem. Who would you call and
why. These are the things you don't think of to show
them. When they were young you did these things

without a thought . Now is the time to talk them
through these tasks so one day when
you are no longer here they can take care of
themselves and their families.



  1. I would love to have my teen learn all things, but what do you do when they don't want to learn ANYTHING? My 14 year old doesn't want to learn to cook, sew, clean, etc. She doesn't want to learn electives. She doesn't even want to do school work. How do you make them or change their minds about stuff that's important? I'm at a loss as to what to do with her.


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