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Monday, August 1, 2011

God's Eye

The eye of God is always upon us. He
is always there !
History: God’s Eyes are used by the Huichol Indians
from western Central Mexico in sacred ceremonies.
When a child is born, they are used as an
offering to the god who protects children.
The God’s Eye is kept in a sacred place
and the father adds a piece of yarn each
year until the age of 5. It is viewed
as something that will bring you good luck
and represents the eye of God watching over you.

Our Project:
Envision a young child with cancer. Sitting in
a hospital wrapping yarn and giving the eye
of God to other children in the hospital as
a sign of HOPE. When this child passes her
father takes on this childs HOPE and continues
the journey. Creating God's eyes for many
children. He asks of others to spread Gods
HOPE. That is just what we did.

If you'd like to
Learn how to Make a God's eye.
Click on the link above. Our God's eyes will
go to this local man and his family for them
to ditribute to our local hospital. You can
Do the same in your town.



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