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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Getting Ready for Kindergarten...

It is that time of year when you see all of the back to
school sales. Pencils, back packs and new school clothes.
The magazine isle at the grocery store flashes articles
of back to school ideas, clothing styles and getting your
child ready for Kindergarten. They discuss what to bring the first
day, how to pack your lunch , and how to deal with
anxiety. Todays post is to share how public school children
might get ready for Kindergarten and then how us as Home
educators get ready. What are the differences?

School: Shop for back to school paper, pencils
backpacks, clothes, and the Latest fashions, While
they are on sale. You want to create a good
first impression.

Home: Shop back to school sales and stock up while
you can on all of the deals to make it last through
the year. You can skip the clothing until later when
they go on bigger drop down sales because you don't
need brand new clothes when you probably will be
In your PJs anyway.

School: Check on line for time of your bus route
and make sure your back pack is filled the night before.

Home: Excitedly wait for your packages to arrive in the mail.
Its like Christmas to get all your new school books and supplies.
The UPS man is your friend.

School: Get to bed early so you are rested for the big day.

Home: Have a late night back to school picnic.
Stay up , enjoy the fireflies and your barefeet in the
grass. Your school work is ready for you on your desk.
You don't need to prepare anything.

School: Wake up early

Home: Sleep in until you are ready. You
have all day for your lessons.

School : Eat a quick breakfast before running out
the door. Make it simple so your child isn't anxious about
being late.

Home: Make breakfast as a family, You Kindergartener
can make the toast and help set out the plates for
breakfast. Have a leisurely breakfast and talk take
time to talk with your children.

School: Child meets his teacher at school and is
worried about the new day but soon is listening
on a carpet, a story that is new to him. He isn't sure
of his new place or friends just yet but will learn in time.

Home: School begins snuggled under a warm blanket
reading your favorite rendition of the Three bears.
While your Kindergartener giggles and talks out about
the parts he or she likes best.

School: The day ends with an exhausted child. Your
child jumps up and down to tell you the many
tales of the day.

Home: Your school day ends with Daddy coming home.
Your child jumps up and down telling dad all the things

you did today as you smile because you were there to see it.

School: Now its time to go through the piles of papers
to fill out and homework to do. Bathes to prepare and beds to
get into.

Home: Now it is time for family time and relaxing
before baths and bedtime. Maybe we could even stay
up again and watch the stars and look at them
through a telescope because learning never stops.


(If you have one to add feel free. It was a fun list to make.)


  1. I dropped my youngest (13) at private school and miss homeschooling her, even though it was a fight. I miss the time together as a family. Now, we have homework, early bedtime and rush, rush, rush. It was God's idea for her to go to school and I'm trusting Him. Do I know why He wanted her in school? No. Maybe it was for her to see what she had before. Maybe it was for her to learn independence with her school work. Who knows? What I do know is that I really miss her and all the time we had together.

    Your little kindergartner has grown so much. He's lost the baby looks that he had a short time ago. I know you're happy to be back at home with them all. Enjoy your day!


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