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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day of School

Yesterday was Spirits VERY first Day of School. It was
pretty exciting for him. He was so excited to hear that today
was the day. I'm not sure what he expected but I think some
things weren't as he thought they would be but we had a great
time just as it was. For some reason he thought he'd be playing
lots of games on the computer. I'm not sure why he thought that.
I think I may just have to set him up with Starfall for awhile today.

Being part of the cyber school ment some choas with the
school. I read my announcements for the day. Filled in some of
my schedule and then just sat back and spent time teaching my
children. It's best sometimes to disconnect and be with your family.

We started out with a fun game just to get our brains working
and to get Superboy to review on his grammar skills. Something
He tends to struggle with. I took the time to include Spirit.

I had created this game sometime back. It is made with
ABC stickers creating a path from start to finish. Spirit
rolled the dice and then named the letter he landed on.
Superboy had to think of a word that was either a verb,
adjective or noun. He got to pick which is was but was not
allowed to use noun everytime. (that was the easiest for him)

This is just a sampling of what we did that day. It was a
wonderful beginning to his educational career.

Next week I will share more of what we did this week.



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