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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Book Review - Little Boy Jesus- Toddler Book

I had the most difficult time finding these board books online.
I have to admit that I got ours for free from our church.
The children recieve tickets for Sunday school attendance.
Then they are able to pick out a few prizes or one prize.
"Sweet pea has been able to retrieve several of the baby
blessing books by Alice Joyce Abel and she just loves them.
Her Favorite is called Little Boy Jesus.

The edges of this book are soft for little ones. Each page
including the cover has something to feel and touch so
baby can interact with the story. On each page you
are looking for little boy Jesus because he is hiding.
You will peek under a table cloth in his mothers kitchen
and see him playing with blocks. You will
find him under A cloth barn door, a soft sail in a boat,
and behind a wagon on a Donkey.

This book is extremely durable and has gone through
many grocery store trips, meetings and sunday services.
I eventually found this book at Finders Cheapers used
for $4.-$5. dollars. Possibly you may find it somewhere
else. I hope to purchase a few more of her books in
the future.

(About the book Nook- I created the graphic for the book nook
to look like a carnival because that is where I found the love
of books with my dad. He is a book collector and I have become
one as well. When I was young our hospital had a carnival to
raise money. They still have this today. One area of the fair
grounds was a entire room of used books. I loved picking out
something new to read and so I created book nook to share
my book finds. You may leave a comment to share your book
find if you like. Books are contagious. :)



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