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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bible Links

This year I will be teaching lots of bible.
In our co-op I will teach 3 bible classes
Elementary, Middle and high school. In
our home we will have devotionals and family
bible night. At our church I will be helping
a friend lead and organize activities for children
prek-5th and supervising the nursery. Sheww Sounds
like a lot but really it's all a blessing and I enjoy
every moment of it. In my research I came across
some neat bible links.

Cartoons- This is a super fun way to start a bible
lesson. How about a funny cartoon to get you started.
Some would be great for discussion.

Bible Printables- Coloring pages, stickers, certificates,
Calendars and Bible verse card Generator.

Preschool Bible Crafts- Bible Crafts arranged in ABC
order. Many fun ideas to inspire young art.

Children's Ministry- Lots of great ideas for teaching
children, managing your sunday school programs,
and nursery . (lessons could be used for home use)

Effective Childrens Ministry- Similar to the above
link but with many different ideas.

Mini books- Mini bible storys/books to print

Christain Preschool Printables- large resource
of colorful printables.

Hands on Bible- Free lessons by logging in
with a private password to hands on bible lessons.

Genesis Bible Study- 11 week bible study on

Bible Study Planet- 325 bible studies for kids that
covers the entire bible.

Bible Class books- Free activity books for bible class

Home School bible- 8 weeks of bible. Lessons look
interesting but the lessons end there. Looks like
an incomplete bible plan but a good start.

This is the beginning of a list. Hopefully it
will grow over the year.




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