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Monday, July 25, 2011

Storms Storms...

Recently we have had a bout of thunderstorms. The worst
part was that I had heard no warnings on either storm.
I get the weather messages emailed to me, yet nothing.
Everything around us is so dry and hot, Sweltering hot.
Highs in the 100's. When I first noticed the storm coming
in I thought good the heat will drop some now but who
knew it would cause such damage. I was at work for the
first one. I called my parents house after to check on the
kids. To my shock a large pine tree had fallen into mom
and dads roof, Crushing through to their attic. They
were able to get someone to come and clear up the

tree and lay a tarp over their roof. Many trees were
down it was a mess for road crew to clean up.

The second storm came yesterday. We were out
grocery shopping. On our way home the winds and rain
picked up. We actually could see the rain bands on the
road. At one point we could not see at all. I told dad
we should stop but he said no because we were in a
wooded area. He was really right. We somehow got

home and ran inside. It was pretty scary. A bit later
The power went off. Shortly there after we heard a loud
crack. Lightning had hit the funeral home across the
street and took bricks off their chimmney. The
bricks fell onto someones truck. We spent
5 hours in the heat with no electric. The kids took
off clothes and the baby wore only her diaper. We sat
outside in the dark for awhile trying to cool off.
You could hardly breath in the house. We found out
later that a tree where we had been knocked down
an electric pole, which is why we lost power.
Sounds like we made it through in time.

We have heard other such stories. Glad we all got
home safe and sound.



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