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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Simple Summer

July 31, 2011

These hot summer days remind me much of my youth.
I remember the freedom I felt in being able to
take my shoes off and go where I wanted to go.
I remember the sights and smells and the closeness
of God while enjoying his creation but not
being able to put it into words. Just feeling
it in my heart. It was so simple.

Summer in one simple statement is Touching
the cool, crisp, clear, rippling, streaming water
with the smell of the mist of the deep blue
and the trees. Always the trees steady and sure.

As A child I would go to the creek at our
favorite woods and explore it's realm. Bucket
in hand to collect and release the days find.
Walking tenatively each step taking care not
to slip on the rocks. Caressed with
time. Spellbound by it's release, it's vastness.
As an adult I have gone there many times since.
The excitement and newness has worn off some
but it still brings peace. On this day
I think to go there and show my children.
Maybe soon. Reliving the feeling again through them.
Summers end feels near. I won't think about it.
August brings new feelings of pencils and books.
A different excitement as time changes.

(Welcome to my Journal . This is my very first
entry. I wanted to have a spot on my blog where
I can write what I am feeling or anything that
I feel like writing about. If you feel like
writing your own journal entry leave a comment
so I can come and read yours.)



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