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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Playground Club

This is a photo of the Community Center I work for.It's the
large strong Brick building in the center. I feel nostalgic
when I look at it. I spent my 6 and 7th grade years in that

building. When I walk in it I feel like I am home. It is neat
to work in the center with that feeling of home in your heart.
I really have come to enjoy my part time job. This photo was
taken from the park we were meeting at for Playground club.
Playground club at this particular park was for the month
of June. They will meet in July with another instructor,
so my job for June is done. I will continue to help with
Camp Quest Jr. until it is complete in August.

I was able to take my children with me while supervising our
small group. The children have formed wonderful
friendships playing this way and so did I with one particular
mom. I provided a few crafts and some games to play.
when playing got a little rough or it would be to hot. It
made for a nice a break. Many of the days we had rain and
sat under the pavilion playing board games. I'm going to
miss them. We might have to visit everyone at the next park.
This photo of sweet pea was taken at one of the picnic tables.
I wanted to take more but was side tracked much of the time.
Sweet Pea had this terrible habit of walking into the table.
One such time she ran so hard and fast she hit the table
and then fell back and hit the concrete. She had little
black and blue marks on her head each week. Luckily
she was resilient and was fine.

Happy Fourth of July!!!



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