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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hot summer Water play

The days here are getting nicely hot and humid.
We were able to spend a day outside having some
waterplay fun. At first "Spirit" put some water in the
sandbox turtle lid. This served him well for a little
while. Then I remembered that we had a little pool
that we had bought last year for the baby to splash
in at the beach, so we pulled that out. We sat in lawn
chairs and watched the kids roll around in the water.
Eventually they got to running in and out of the water
which makes for some icky swim areas.

Of Course Daddy decided to join in on the fun and
began soaking the kids with the hose. The boys
tried with all their might to catch dad of guard and
squirt him. "Spirit" was the first to gain a squirt
right across his back. "Superboy" was most
Successful with a big dousing with a bucket. Dad
may have felt like he won but honestly he looked
like he lost just as much as them . It was a fun time
had by all. Even mom who sat dodging the water
sprays so as not to hit the camera. I had the
best out from getting wet. Ohh wait don't get the
camera wet.

"Sweet pea" was less agressive and took to standing
in the pool. There was one attempt at trying to sit
but I don't think she liked the idea and stood right
back to her feet. Eventually she figured out she
could step out of the pool too. She is often so
timid with her reactions and soooo girly.

This smile is from a little girl who is not so sure
she likes hose water play. Despite the heat of 90
degrees "Sweet Pea" stood shivering. It must
have been some chilly water.

Jump in the water and have some Summer fun.



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