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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blanket play

I can barely believe that it is almost the middle of July.
The heat is starting to pick up. Today it is to hit the
upper 90's. The kids stay in when the heat hits the highs.
This particular day they built a tent in our school room.
Including our little outdoor pool (no water added in the house).
What a mess but a fun mess.

Unfortunately this is a summer of no vacation. I have
been trying to keep the kids busy with basic summer
fun. Much of our time is spent working. Cleaning up
from the winter messes and preparing for the fall. We
are just now seeing a clearing and I hope to find a bit
of fun in there somewhere, Thinking possibly a camping
trip to one of our local parks. If we can swing it. Mom
bought us a tent for christmas. I"m hoping we can
get some use out of it.

Prayers Please...
The kids lost a grandmother (daddys step mom) in June.
We feel so badly for Paps sadness. Today
called and now his brother had a stroke. Things
have been so difficult for him and now he seems to have
more. Our intention is to keep him as busy as we can.



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