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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Simple Summer

July 31, 2011

These hot summer days remind me much of my youth.
I remember the freedom I felt in being able to
take my shoes off and go where I wanted to go.
I remember the sights and smells and the closeness
of God while enjoying his creation but not
being able to put it into words. Just feeling
it in my heart. It was so simple.

Summer in one simple statement is Touching
the cool, crisp, clear, rippling, streaming water
with the smell of the mist of the deep blue
and the trees. Always the trees steady and sure.

As A child I would go to the creek at our
favorite woods and explore it's realm. Bucket
in hand to collect and release the days find.
Walking tenatively each step taking care not
to slip on the rocks. Caressed with
time. Spellbound by it's release, it's vastness.
As an adult I have gone there many times since.
The excitement and newness has worn off some
but it still brings peace. On this day
I think to go there and show my children.
Maybe soon. Reliving the feeling again through them.
Summers end feels near. I won't think about it.
August brings new feelings of pencils and books.
A different excitement as time changes.

(Welcome to my Journal . This is my very first
entry. I wanted to have a spot on my blog where
I can write what I am feeling or anything that
I feel like writing about. If you feel like
writing your own journal entry leave a comment
so I can come and read yours.)


Monday, July 25, 2011

Storms Storms...

Recently we have had a bout of thunderstorms. The worst
part was that I had heard no warnings on either storm.
I get the weather messages emailed to me, yet nothing.
Everything around us is so dry and hot, Sweltering hot.
Highs in the 100's. When I first noticed the storm coming
in I thought good the heat will drop some now but who
knew it would cause such damage. I was at work for the
first one. I called my parents house after to check on the
kids. To my shock a large pine tree had fallen into mom
and dads roof, Crushing through to their attic. They
were able to get someone to come and clear up the

tree and lay a tarp over their roof. Many trees were
down it was a mess for road crew to clean up.

The second storm came yesterday. We were out
grocery shopping. On our way home the winds and rain
picked up. We actually could see the rain bands on the
road. At one point we could not see at all. I told dad
we should stop but he said no because we were in a
wooded area. He was really right. We somehow got

home and ran inside. It was pretty scary. A bit later
The power went off. Shortly there after we heard a loud
crack. Lightning had hit the funeral home across the
street and took bricks off their chimmney. The
bricks fell onto someones truck. We spent
5 hours in the heat with no electric. The kids took
off clothes and the baby wore only her diaper. We sat
outside in the dark for awhile trying to cool off.
You could hardly breath in the house. We found out
later that a tree where we had been knocked down
an electric pole, which is why we lost power.
Sounds like we made it through in time.

We have heard other such stories. Glad we all got
home safe and sound.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blanket play

I can barely believe that it is almost the middle of July.
The heat is starting to pick up. Today it is to hit the
upper 90's. The kids stay in when the heat hits the highs.
This particular day they built a tent in our school room.
Including our little outdoor pool (no water added in the house).
What a mess but a fun mess.

Unfortunately this is a summer of no vacation. I have
been trying to keep the kids busy with basic summer
fun. Much of our time is spent working. Cleaning up
from the winter messes and preparing for the fall. We
are just now seeing a clearing and I hope to find a bit
of fun in there somewhere, Thinking possibly a camping
trip to one of our local parks. If we can swing it. Mom
bought us a tent for christmas. I"m hoping we can
get some use out of it.

Prayers Please...
The kids lost a grandmother (daddys step mom) in June.
We feel so badly for Paps sadness. Today
called and now his brother had a stroke. Things
have been so difficult for him and now he seems to have
more. Our intention is to keep him as busy as we can.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hot summer Water play

The days here are getting nicely hot and humid.
We were able to spend a day outside having some
waterplay fun. At first "Spirit" put some water in the
sandbox turtle lid. This served him well for a little
while. Then I remembered that we had a little pool
that we had bought last year for the baby to splash
in at the beach, so we pulled that out. We sat in lawn
chairs and watched the kids roll around in the water.
Eventually they got to running in and out of the water
which makes for some icky swim areas.

Of Course Daddy decided to join in on the fun and
began soaking the kids with the hose. The boys
tried with all their might to catch dad of guard and
squirt him. "Spirit" was the first to gain a squirt
right across his back. "Superboy" was most
Successful with a big dousing with a bucket. Dad
may have felt like he won but honestly he looked
like he lost just as much as them . It was a fun time
had by all. Even mom who sat dodging the water
sprays so as not to hit the camera. I had the
best out from getting wet. Ohh wait don't get the
camera wet.

"Sweet pea" was less agressive and took to standing
in the pool. There was one attempt at trying to sit
but I don't think she liked the idea and stood right
back to her feet. Eventually she figured out she
could step out of the pool too. She is often so
timid with her reactions and soooo girly.

This smile is from a little girl who is not so sure
she likes hose water play. Despite the heat of 90
degrees "Sweet Pea" stood shivering. It must
have been some chilly water.

Jump in the water and have some Summer fun.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Playground Club

This is a photo of the Community Center I work for.It's the
large strong Brick building in the center. I feel nostalgic
when I look at it. I spent my 6 and 7th grade years in that

building. When I walk in it I feel like I am home. It is neat
to work in the center with that feeling of home in your heart.
I really have come to enjoy my part time job. This photo was
taken from the park we were meeting at for Playground club.
Playground club at this particular park was for the month
of June. They will meet in July with another instructor,
so my job for June is done. I will continue to help with
Camp Quest Jr. until it is complete in August.

I was able to take my children with me while supervising our
small group. The children have formed wonderful
friendships playing this way and so did I with one particular
mom. I provided a few crafts and some games to play.
when playing got a little rough or it would be to hot. It
made for a nice a break. Many of the days we had rain and
sat under the pavilion playing board games. I'm going to
miss them. We might have to visit everyone at the next park.
This photo of sweet pea was taken at one of the picnic tables.
I wanted to take more but was side tracked much of the time.
Sweet Pea had this terrible habit of walking into the table.
One such time she ran so hard and fast she hit the table
and then fell back and hit the concrete. She had little
black and blue marks on her head each week. Luckily
she was resilient and was fine.

Happy Fourth of July!!!


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