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Friday, June 17, 2011

Taking a Blog break

(note he dressed himself this day. I did not choose
stripes and camouflage)

Hi everyone. I may not be a consistent blogger this summer.
My plan is to pop in once in awhile to show or tell of
our summer adventures but it won't be consistent
blogging. I probably will begin again in August.

I have to much to organize here
at home to have the time to blog. With working
this year the house is in need of a deep cleaning
which we are working on little by little. Right
at the moment I am grading the last of our
school adventures and it is taking longer than
I thought. I have been at it since 8 am. I
suppose I am a bit behind with my daughters.
I am down to two subjects, grammar and
literature. It is 11:30. I had to take a break and blog.

I'll be glad when it is complete and
I can begin going through some books I snatched
from our school district. I have been working
evening care at camps which is located in our
local elementary school. The teachers of the
school left mounds of books and supplies on
the stage to be thrown out. We asked permission
and took things that we could use.

Once I am done with that I will begin some
planning for next year but not before I spend
some much needed time with the kids. It seems
we don't have much time for fun things what with
the moms all out organizing bonanza going on.

If you are wondering when to stop in ... I'd suggest
once a week. That is probably all I'll get to till August
when I am a bit more together.

Have a great summer!

Check out Amanda Bennett's free Summer
Calendars. Great ideas!!

Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett - Summer of Fun Calendar



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