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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Planning and Writing...

Hi everyone! I feel like I am just visiting here these days.
To be honest with you I am in the midst of discovery.
I love researching for the upcoming year. Printing out
my planners and writing in them with care in pencil.
Thinking it over. Then coming back the next day with the
eraser in hand and rethinking the entire situation. Sometimes
I have big blanks and other times I fill the pages
with ease. This is a guide I can change as the need
comes. As I research online I also have a book in hand.
While the page is loading I'll read through ideas on the
written page. I readily have a new book list for our
next library trip for more research. Now is the time
for me to take my time and think these things through.
I personally like to begin with the youngest and work
My way up. The younger are easier for me and lightens
my load for research for the older children while I work.
Its an ongoing process through the summer days.

Writing...Let me tell you my new interest and Area of
growth. Each year I pick something to broaden my
Horizons and my childrens. I feel that I am lacking
a bit in the area of teaching writing. I have felt this way
for awhile but can't seem to find the right information
to help me through. While digging through the throw
away pile at school I found this great book that I am
absolutely loving. It is called If your trying to Teach
Kids how to write... by Marjorie Frank.
It is full of
different ideas to get your kids excited about writing.
From this book I have come up with some of my own
ideas to explode the writing barrier and I am only
halfway through the reading. This is a must have.
You can find your copy at
If Your Trying to Teach Your Kids to Write
(I have been in no way asked to promote this book.)
All of you know how much I love Blogs well I couldn't help but
research a few writinging blogs. This is my favorite.

The Book Chook

Book Chook is full of ideas for writing and
great book reviews for young children.

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What are you working on?


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