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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Planning and Writing...

Hi everyone! I feel like I am just visiting here these days.
To be honest with you I am in the midst of discovery.
I love researching for the upcoming year. Printing out
my planners and writing in them with care in pencil.
Thinking it over. Then coming back the next day with the
eraser in hand and rethinking the entire situation. Sometimes
I have big blanks and other times I fill the pages
with ease. This is a guide I can change as the need
comes. As I research online I also have a book in hand.
While the page is loading I'll read through ideas on the
written page. I readily have a new book list for our
next library trip for more research. Now is the time
for me to take my time and think these things through.
I personally like to begin with the youngest and work
My way up. The younger are easier for me and lightens
my load for research for the older children while I work.
Its an ongoing process through the summer days.

Writing...Let me tell you my new interest and Area of
growth. Each year I pick something to broaden my
Horizons and my childrens. I feel that I am lacking
a bit in the area of teaching writing. I have felt this way
for awhile but can't seem to find the right information
to help me through. While digging through the throw
away pile at school I found this great book that I am
absolutely loving. It is called If your trying to Teach
Kids how to write... by Marjorie Frank.
It is full of
different ideas to get your kids excited about writing.
From this book I have come up with some of my own
ideas to explode the writing barrier and I am only
halfway through the reading. This is a must have.
You can find your copy at
If Your Trying to Teach Your Kids to Write
(I have been in no way asked to promote this book.)
All of you know how much I love Blogs well I couldn't help but
research a few writinging blogs. This is my favorite.

The Book Chook

Book Chook is full of ideas for writing and
great book reviews for young children.

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What are you working on?
Friday, June 17, 2011

Taking a Blog break

(note he dressed himself this day. I did not choose
stripes and camouflage)

Hi everyone. I may not be a consistent blogger this summer.
My plan is to pop in once in awhile to show or tell of
our summer adventures but it won't be consistent
blogging. I probably will begin again in August.

I have to much to organize here
at home to have the time to blog. With working
this year the house is in need of a deep cleaning
which we are working on little by little. Right
at the moment I am grading the last of our
school adventures and it is taking longer than
I thought. I have been at it since 8 am. I
suppose I am a bit behind with my daughters.
I am down to two subjects, grammar and
literature. It is 11:30. I had to take a break and blog.

I'll be glad when it is complete and
I can begin going through some books I snatched
from our school district. I have been working
evening care at camps which is located in our
local elementary school. The teachers of the
school left mounds of books and supplies on
the stage to be thrown out. We asked permission
and took things that we could use.

Once I am done with that I will begin some
planning for next year but not before I spend
some much needed time with the kids. It seems
we don't have much time for fun things what with
the moms all out organizing bonanza going on.

If you are wondering when to stop in ... I'd suggest
once a week. That is probably all I'll get to till August
when I am a bit more together.

Have a great summer!

Check out Amanda Bennett's free Summer
Calendars. Great ideas!!

Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett - Summer of Fun Calendar

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Slice of Life...Changing Gears

You can write a slice of your life too by joining in at
Two Writing Teachers

I'm adjusting to change. Each day I am adjusting
and readjusting. Things change on me way to fast.
My oldest little one is all grown up and starting to drive a
car. Yesterday we went out driving again. I have to
hold my breath at times and let her drive. I can feel
my body tense just as hers is and I try so to relax.
I can feel my feet inadvertently pressing into the floor.
Her speeds Max at 30 miles an hour yet as she
approaches this speed my nerves go. Each time
she drives she becomes more confident. Each time
I lose her a little more, with driving she will have
more independence. One day soon she will fly
away from the home. Lucky for me she is commuting
to college.

She isn't quit ready for the big
highways or even roads with much traffic. We
stick to the country roads. Taking it slow and easy
just as we did when she was a little one learning
to walk. She was so cautious and it took her quit
sometime. One day her daddy held a toy high and
she stood right up to get what she wanted.
Walking took a little longer. She was timid about
it and reserved but eventually she was toddling
from one thing to another.

I pull along the road after going through some
traffic and we switch places. I am more tense
this day as the car is filled with all 5 of my babies.
My oldest son squeals and searches for a plastic
bag teasing sister that he is going to be sick. I
fuss them for teasing her but might need that plastic
bag myself. She adjusts her mirrors and pulls out.
At one point a car is behind us and she finds a
spot to get off the road and flag the anxious drive
past. They all look at us as if we are in some
sort of circus act. This does not change her mood.
I see the determination in her eyes. She stops at
each stop sign. I remind her once to turn her turning
signal on. We have one more scary feat where we
have to travel down a tight windy road. The
hill is so high that you can't see over the top as
you approach it. Her sister and brother egg her on.
She wants to switch places with me but peer
pressure pushes her down that hill. I situate
myself in my seat so I can simulate braking.
It makes me feel better. The bottom of the ride
scares me most as there are lose stones and
gravel to slide upon. She maneuvers it perfectly.

Eventually we pull off again and switch places.
I adjust the seat and my muscles relax.
I drive us the rest of the way home with mixed
emotions. Life is ever changing.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Simple Womens daybook- Beginning summer routines

Today is...
June 6, 2011

Outside My Window....
The sun is shining and the neighbors are out cleaning up
the yard. (We share somewhat) It is a nice day to
go biking or walking.

Weekend at a Glance.....
Saturday we ran errands all day long. Got
Prescriptions filled, groceries and visited my
mom for her birthday.

Sunday attended church services and a pool party.
Feels like summer is just about here.

Health Care....
Great , Great , Great news!! Dad has his meds
for this month. He was finally called back to the
lumber company if only for a short time but it's
something. He started today. The company insisted
he visit the doctor and I am so glad they did. He
did a stress test and was released on any weight
restrictions. His blood sugar was a bit high. He has
one month to get it down or he will have his work
permit revoked. So there it is forced medical care.
I think I'm going to like this doctor.

From the learning rooms...

Spirit age 5- Outdoor play is our
learning room this summer and good
books from the library. Lots of Play activities.

Superboy age 10-

Math- Completing unit review and Semester testing.
Literature- Rikki Tikki Tavi
Grammar- Diagramming sentences.
Spelling- Barton book 5 lesson 4
Practicing spelling from book 3 and 1,000 word list.
Also working in
Lots of Outdoor play

Princess age 13-
Ending units and then will take a much
derserved summer break.

I am wearing...

Jeans capris and purple shirt

I am hearing ...
Cartoons, washer and the air conditioner

Favorite things.....
Bubbles and the new no spill container

I am Thankful for...

Daddy is back to Work!!

I'm working less hours!

Our much needed mini van!
(praying inspection wont be to expensive)

More time at home with the family.

Today I washed the dishes it felt great to be their mom.

I am praying for...

Financial issues-
Keep praying. Now we have to play
catch up.

family health concerns

Grace to live in the moment and have a positive heart.

Seeking courage and Patience

For our Grandpa Kennie as Grandma passed
away suddenly this week. Thinking of you Lynn.

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

This is mom and dads work schdule for the summer.
Unfortunately ours changed before the kids school
schedule changed. Once we stop our lessons this
will be a little more lax. Superboy will still have
one on one lesson time with me in the summer.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule

6:00- Get up and get ready then
Internet time.
7:30 take dad to work
8:00 children begin school work
mom does chores
10:00 -One on one lesson with Superboy
11:00-12- Play time with sweet pea and Spirit
12-1 Lunch, story time and naptime
1-3- Finish up school lessons.
3 Pick up Heart, drop children off at
3:45-6 Moms at work (part of camps)
(Dad is home at 4:30 making dinner)
6:00 pick up children and head home
6:30- finish any lessons not completed
7:00 Playtime (preferably outdoors)
7:30 bath time for little ones
8:00 bed time for young ones.
8:30 bath for older children
9:00 bed time
9-10 quiet time for mom and dad

Tuesday and Wednesday

6:00- get up and get ready for work
internet time
7:30 take dad to work
8:00 pick up children and supplies for playground
club. (part of moms work)
9:00-12 Work at playground
Older children bring lessons along.
All children have snack and drink.
12:00- head home
12-1 eat lunch, storytime, naptime
1-3 any lesson not completed complete
3- head to grams house
3:45-6 Moms at work for camps
6:00 pick up children and head home.
7:00 playtime
Bedtime routine as above.


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Rejoice in the Lord Always.