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Monday, May 30, 2011

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

The end of the school year is upon us. The beginning
of the end is near. We are winding down our lessons.
Searching for the best ending spot to a fun filled year. As
I look back upon it I realize that it was not so fun filled.
We stuck strictly to our book work. We had no field trips.
We had several deaths in the family (one
just this week Grandma Lynn), injuries, and illness.
Lots of struggles but we have persevered.
Slow and steady wins the Race.

We are still struggling with finances but there are many
possibilities for Daddy again. Our hopes are high. He was
called back to the lumber Company just last week.
He is to begin next week but the work is temporary,
a month or two. However we are awaiting a call for something
else. I'd say we are sitting at the edge of our seats but
honestly I am putting less value into it as in how I feel.
I have laid my emotions to my family where they belong.
Financially taking care of them is important but I can't
let it take over my thoughts and focus. Oh and it has at
times. It has run who I was for awhile. I won't let it anymore.

I have learned so much this year more than book work
can ever give any one person. I imagine the
children have too. I used to struggle with
being home all the time and now I have learned to value
my time at home as a mom. I wanted something more when all
along I had what I needed. Then once I had more
I had to morn the changes and morn what I didn't realize
I had lost . It was an emotional time for me which
on occastion I still stuggle through at times. It's a huge
new adjustment to what our life is and means.
I have come to enjoy my time at home more than ever and
enjoy my new job. There is value in washing my childrens laundry
and sitting by the way reading a good story, treasure it
if you have it. I see our year as a learning lesson.
A life learning lesson. Yet We can manage with book work
only if need be, as if that is all we learned this year.

I am anitcipating the coming school year as most
homeschool moms do. I have high hopes for the fall and hope
to add in the "fun stuff"again. I have less far in the future plans
instead I have a lets see attitude. Slow and steady.

Our plans for the summer are small. There is no big trips
in view. Sometimes the small things matter most. I have
plans to spend much time enjoying our local nature . In
conjunction with our summer library program we will visit
the parks and look for the treasure to stamp our books.
This is a great way to get out and going. We will also be
utilizing that library program to get our young ones reading.
Nothing like spending the solitude reading a good book.

I will work this summer just two hours a day after summer
camps until children are picked up to go home. I also will
be working at our playground club twice a week. My children
are welcome to come and play too which is great to get
them out and going. They need forced outside sometimes.
My children like the air conditioning a little to much.

Today we are heading out to a family picnic at grandmas
house. I miss the times when all of us grandchildren
went and had picnics there. It will be a nice day to
relax and play with the kids.

Before I go let me tell you about my little turtle friend you
have been seeing
. My sister in law found him on the road
and picked him up so he wouldn't get hit by a car.
She brought him by for the children to see. Heart was
the only one brave enough to pick him up and take
photos of him. Afterwards he was released into the wild.

Have a Happy Memorial day!!



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