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Monday, May 2, 2011

Simple Womens Daybook -- May

Today is...
May2, 2011

Outside My Window....
It is dark. I am up before the sun as usual,
off to before care, then staff training , then
school at home.

Weekend at a Glance.....

Lesson planning and organization with
sometime for relaxing.

Church services

Health Care....
Still no meds for dad.

From the learning rooms...

Spirit age 5- Kites, Wind, Rainbows
Lots of playtime

Superboy age 10-
History- History of US book 1 Native American study
Science- Water Shed
Math- decimals
Literature- Reading Li Lun
Grammar- Verb
Spelling- Barton book 5 lesson 3
Practicing spelling from book 3 and 1,000 word list.
Also working in

Princess age 13-
History- World history.
Math= Review
Literature-Reading Treasure Island
Grammar- direct objects
Science- Life Cycles

I am wearing...

Jeans, red workshirt with Community logo
on the front and the words huge on the back
that says STAFF.

I am hearing ...
The fan all is silent. The day is about to begin.

Favorite things.....

Our caterpillers. They have begun to hang
from the top of the container this morning.

I am Thankful for...

A fairly clean house.

Our new toilet. Now you dont have to wait
what seemed like hours so you can flush it.
Its saving lots of time and water.


I am praying for...

Financial issues-
We have two leads at the moment for work so
praying hard for those.
Dads old job that he was laid off from may be bringing
him back. That would be a blessing

If not however he has been called back several times
to a local company and is supposed to go today
to drop off some paperwork.

family health concerns

Grace to live in the moment and have a positive heart.
I did great with this one week and terrible with it
last week. I get so involved sometimes in my own head
and stressing about the little things. It's a work in progress.

Seeking courage and Patience

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week
Staff training
Tuesday- Meeting with College about financial
Wednesday- Progress monitoring and VBS meeting
Thursday- Princess end of the year review
Friday- Student day at the college and last co-op
not sure if we will make it though
Saturday- Free time
Sunday- Services

Picture I'd like to share.



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