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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Scary Story...

Well, You are probably wondering where in the world we
have been. I'll update you on the whole entire scary
story. It seems as if we have scary stories on a regular
basis around here. This post will be a mix of things.

Before the Scary story. I'll tell you that Heart and I

were able to visit the college for a new student day.
I don't think I got to tell you all about it. It was an
enjoyable day and I think it got her more excited
about starting. In the days that preceded we got her
schedule so now we have to work on picking up the
required books. I have heard that there are several
good places to try. Once I try these out I'll let you
all know how well they work. One student advised us
of a place to rent books. Much cheaper than purchasing
them from the school store. I am paper wise unorganized
at the moment or I'd find the link now and share it.

Now for the scary story... Sweet pea started with a
stuffy nose. I thought it was just a spring cold or
allergy but she had fever that lasted for four days.
It was over a weekend so first thing Monday morning
I called the Dr. I couldn't get her in till Monday evening
at 7pm. I took her and and explained what was happening.
I could tell that the Dr. was in a bit of a hurry. She told
me that the fever would go down that it was a stomach
viral. (vomiting and other fun stuff included.) So I went

back home pretty much doing what I was doing, which
always frustrates me. I got her ready for bed and
was going to lay with her on my bed a bit since
she was so crabby and not well. I laid her on the
bed. She made some funny noises and then started
seizing. She was face in the pillow so I turned her and
screamed my head off for someone. Of course not a
soul heard me so once the Seizure was done I grabbed
her and ran down the stairs more screaming my head off.
Dad was like what is happening while I called 911 and
explained that she had a seizure. For a moment
I couldn't find her pulse at first it was shallow.
Her entire little body was limp. I can tell you it was the
scariest thing you can imagine to see your child this
way. I seriously thought the ambulance was never
going to come. I literally probably could have walked faster.
since its right down the street. I know they did
their best getting here but when you are in
panic mode it feels like forever. I explained to 911
the situation. I say this as if I was calm. I was not calm.
I have had first aid training plus CPR and have
had several situations in the past. Once including my
son choking on a life saver but non like this.
They advised I take her temperature.
it was 100. When the ambulance got here it was 101.
When we go there it was 102 and then the emergency
room nurse took it it was 103.7. It had risen that high
in 15 minutes which apparently caused the seizure.

They took other tests, which was real fun with a sleepy
18 month old. Everything was ruled out to be the viral.
We went home at 2 am in the morning. Scared out of
our minds it would happen again. I watched her breath
and would jump up when I'd fall asleep. I took off
work that day to watch her. I knew dad was here but
I couldn't make myself go.

A few days later I took her back to the Dr. for a check

up. The Dr. couldn't figure out why this happened.
I mentioned her immunizations the week prior and she
said that was it. She had a reaction to her vaccinations
and then on top of that had this viral. (sore throat too)
The type of seizure she had is called a febrile seizure
which occurs when the temperature goes high rapidly.
We were advised that she may have these till the age
of 5 years and to keep Tylenol on hand to aggressively
treat any fevers. I have been watching her closely.
It was a slow recover and a tiring one for mom and dad.
Finally now I think she is doing well but I still on occastion
find myself feeling her head.

More tramatic maybe for mom and dad. Although she
does act things out. She remembers. Spirit has a
play tape measure and she will wrap it around her arm
and then pretend to take blood from her arm using
her finger. She doesn't let things go to easily. I

know she is young and eventually will forget it ever

happened but I will never forget it ever. SCARY .

We had to take 2 Sundays off of church so this
Sunday today will be our first there in awhile.
It feels good to go and be semi normal again.

Great to be back.


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