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Friday, April 15, 2011

Raising My HAND!!

I'm raising my hand...!!

I'm here I'm here..!! I haven't forgotten my faithful readers. I am sure you are wondering what is happening with our family or if I just decided not to blog and forgot to tell you about it. No No, I love blogging. Putting words to paper or blog context is something I need and long for again. My time has been precious of late. Oh and isn't it always so precious each and every moment. I have so many ideas to share and other blogs of interest for you. Do not dispair I will be back this week but may blimp out on you on occasion.

Life can be so percarious, Mine is in the forest running through the trees as fast as I can go dodging stumps and briers, trying so hard to concentrate and make sense of the blurs in front of my own eyes. It's not a lighted forest either it's dark and dense with blimps of light and knowledge beaming full force in my face. Where will the end of the path lead? Only my guider knows that. His strong hands leading me to the end or not even the end of the path but hopefully a lighted extension of bliss of eternal peace.

Until then I run, I run and grasp at the knowledge of light. Until it is fully mine to admire

My family member needing medical prayer . My mom needed surgery and the results and tests of that will apprear today. The Dr. gave us much HOPE. It has kept my ears to the cell phone many days and my body in the car. My presence needed for her care. Back and forth between home and
my childhood home. Never mind the amazing feeling of knowing in the hospital. The knowing of what is going to be done next. The knowing of how things are done from past experiences. Wish I was in the not know. The experience isn't valued to me. She is getting stronger daily . HOPE will be the reward. HOPE will SPRING forth.

Spring is the air. Rain pours down at least every other day. I heard people cry stop the cold stop the cold, snow and ice. Now I hear the people say stop the rain . I'm tired of rain. Why do we complain? As it rains I can almost hear the vegetation growing. Spring brings joy of the warmth but it also means things are ending. Co-ops are ending and parties are to be had. Schools are winding down. My job at the public school will slow soon to less hours and my home school will slow to less intense schedules.

Organizing , Organizing all of this. If I can organize these things I have control of something. If I can organize their school and fill their bodies and minds with lighted Information then I have some peace. Organization is feared in some but coveted by me. I need it to feel cemented, because it is all changing. Everything moves and changes faster than I can hold on to it. Just when I get comfortable something moves me again.

Speaking of Moving and changing. I certainly don't have as much trouble as those in Japan trying to put their lives back together after the tsunami. A group of us in Focus are collecting socks for our friends in Japan. If you know me personally and would like to add to our shipping please let me know. If you are interested in sending socks check out their webpage Socks for Japan. More on this to come.



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