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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Family Easter

Easter is such a wild ride around here. I stress at times
over the meaning of Easter and trying to keep it Holy.
I always have great intentions of bible reading and
special activities. Then reality sets in. All the activities
schedules run us so much that we miss all the important
things. Although spending time with family is pretty
important too. My brother was home from North Carolina
so we took much time with him. I am really going
to miss him although I may see his family again
this summer. My mom is still recovering from surgery
and had a terrible reaction to her medicine. I felt so
bad for her that she could not visit with family properly.
She spent most of the holiday resting.

As per tradition we all went to my dads party where
he works for Easter. It has become tradition to get a
photo with Pap (oh and the Easter bunny) on this day.
I think the kids enjoy spending the time with pap more
than they care about the activities. After we went to
Mom and Dads and had a pizza party since mom hasn't
been feeling to well. We also celebrated Paps birthday,
had Christmas with my brother and Graduation . It's
hard when family lives so far away. I had always
envisioned us living close together . Like right next
door to each other and our kids growing up with one
another just like we did. Its funny how life doesn't always
work out the way we had planned.

We split into age groups for the egg hunt. Sweet pea
loved it and had plenty of hard boiled eggs in her
bucket. Many of them cracked from her hard tosses.
Spirit had a bucket full and Superboy had 4. This did
not surprise me since running isn't in his vocabulary.

The weather decided to be strange Easter week too.
This day we had heavy winter coats on and a few days later
we didn't need any. It is still being wacky. Yesterday I needed
a jacket all day and today its supposed to hit the 80's.

Sweet pea loved her eggs so much that I couldn't pry them
from her when she got in the car. She fell asleep with them on
The way to paps. The next day we went to my church egg hunt.
Where I provided children with several crafts, a play area and
cookie snack to make. It was a great turn out and children
enjoyed the activities. They each went home with a
large bucket filled with chocolate. (we use plastic eggs
with candy) Many of the crafts and activities were bible
based. It seemed to be an enjoying day.

Sunday we spend in reverence to God. Worshipping and
having a family meal time. It was a nice quiet day
that I really needed and we got some of the meaning back
into the day.

*Please pray We are waiting to hear about work
for Carl. In particular a farm that looks promising. It
isn't a little farm but a major corporation.

We are also heading to Hearts college today to discuss
financial. Hoping all of my ducks are in a row.



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