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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Crafting

The Palms Wave... and Jesus enters. Praise the King! Time to prepare our hearts and our activities around our Lord. Each Palm Sunday the preschool children in my Sunday school room make palm wreaths. This year we added tissue flowers and foam shapes of their choice. These were my childrens creations. I found this craft on my favorite site

In Sunday school and After Care we created these bunny baskets. I wish I could send you to where I found the baskets but I drew the pattern myself and cut it out. The children simply added foam stickers, gems, and glitter. The Picture doesn't do them justice. The irredecent Glitter was the top off.

My children are enjoying a huge sensory tube this week that will be used at our activites at our church for the preschoolers crafting and egg time. Sweet pea was digging right in. At one point I found her sitting in the tub.

My boss was kind enough to bring me flowers for easter and sitting in front of it is my little lamb. This craft I love so much.

You can see him better in this photo. He is a roll of white paper, Cotton balls and ribbons on his ears to dress him up for the occastion.

Sweet pea all smiles after our Palm Sunday services. She just wouldn't cooperate for photos. This is the best I could get.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

And the Rain fall some more.

The rain is pouring down here in Pa. As it pours and soaks the earth I sit here in a pile of crafting supplies in preparation for our upcoming Easter egg event at our church next weekend. The weather man says there is a tornado watch. The kids don't have a worry in the world . Their watching a Marathon of sorts of all the Toy story movies. I had hoped we could have gone out to play today but the rain comes down again. This is definitely our rainy season. I long for spring only to have this.

To keep us all busy the children painted their Easter eggs this afternoon. The older kids have lost the zeal of being excited about the activity. Spirit now he was so excited that he dropped several eggs giving us egg salad for dinner. Sweet pea even jumped in on the activities painting eggs with a little assistance. She just loves things like that, which is no surprise, since pretty much all of them have with the exception of Princess who has never liked trying to be creative. I have so much whirling around in my head but not much I want to share right now. Along with all the changes and challenges the last year or so has created a change in me. I'm not sure that anyone has noticed this change because it is buried so deep to the depths where no one can touch it. It's impossible to express.

As close as I can get is possibly touching and seeing a flower as it is opening and realizing there is no turning back. Knowing that it will bloom with all of its beauty and then one day wither away. I'm at the opening of the beauty and mesmerizing each little glisten of water as it falls, each little breeze that moves it. Where is my place it whispers.

When I was a little girl on occasion we would camp with my grandparents. I always got so excited about the event and then disappointed all at the same time. I had envisioned what it would be before it was. I lost the luster of the activity. I would be so excited about playing in the creek. I'd rush to get my wet clothes on and sneakers only to then stand in the water trying to figure out what I was going to do next. The sheer excitement of getting there and now we were there had gone. I'd look at the water with my Styrofoam cup looking for something to instantly appear for my approval but it took much longer than that. We could be there all day and not really see much but the smooth rocks on the creek floor. Others might get excited about moving the rocks around or looking for crayfish.

I honestly don't know what I expected. What I longed for but I had put it so high in my own mind that it made me sad that it wasn't what I had hoped. I forgot to live in the moment because there was so much around me to explore and see and I forgot and got lost in myself. I feel like I have been sleeping and someone woke me. Now here lies the vast big world and what will I do with it. Shall I go back to sleep to rather not know or know and live. I choose knowing and living. This all probably doesn't make much sense to all of you but I appreciate a place to semi let it go. Possibly one day I'll tell you my story.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Raising My HAND!!

I'm raising my hand...!!

I'm here I'm here..!! I haven't forgotten my faithful readers. I am sure you are wondering what is happening with our family or if I just decided not to blog and forgot to tell you about it. No No, I love blogging. Putting words to paper or blog context is something I need and long for again. My time has been precious of late. Oh and isn't it always so precious each and every moment. I have so many ideas to share and other blogs of interest for you. Do not dispair I will be back this week but may blimp out on you on occasion.

Life can be so percarious, Mine is in the forest running through the trees as fast as I can go dodging stumps and briers, trying so hard to concentrate and make sense of the blurs in front of my own eyes. It's not a lighted forest either it's dark and dense with blimps of light and knowledge beaming full force in my face. Where will the end of the path lead? Only my guider knows that. His strong hands leading me to the end or not even the end of the path but hopefully a lighted extension of bliss of eternal peace.

Until then I run, I run and grasp at the knowledge of light. Until it is fully mine to admire

My family member needing medical prayer . My mom needed surgery and the results and tests of that will apprear today. The Dr. gave us much HOPE. It has kept my ears to the cell phone many days and my body in the car. My presence needed for her care. Back and forth between home and
my childhood home. Never mind the amazing feeling of knowing in the hospital. The knowing of what is going to be done next. The knowing of how things are done from past experiences. Wish I was in the not know. The experience isn't valued to me. She is getting stronger daily . HOPE will be the reward. HOPE will SPRING forth.

Spring is the air. Rain pours down at least every other day. I heard people cry stop the cold stop the cold, snow and ice. Now I hear the people say stop the rain . I'm tired of rain. Why do we complain? As it rains I can almost hear the vegetation growing. Spring brings joy of the warmth but it also means things are ending. Co-ops are ending and parties are to be had. Schools are winding down. My job at the public school will slow soon to less hours and my home school will slow to less intense schedules.

Organizing , Organizing all of this. If I can organize these things I have control of something. If I can organize their school and fill their bodies and minds with lighted Information then I have some peace. Organization is feared in some but coveted by me. I need it to feel cemented, because it is all changing. Everything moves and changes faster than I can hold on to it. Just when I get comfortable something moves me again.

Speaking of Moving and changing. I certainly don't have as much trouble as those in Japan trying to put their lives back together after the tsunami. A group of us in Focus are collecting socks for our friends in Japan. If you know me personally and would like to add to our shipping please let me know. If you are interested in sending socks check out their webpage Socks for Japan. More on this to come.


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