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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up

What a week it has been. There were many ups
and downs, yet I feel it was a productive week.
My children worked so hard on their lessons. Superboy
finally made it a point to add those puncuation marks
and capital letters. I suppose he is tired of me having
him redo them. I won't cheer to loudly just yet we will
see what next week brings. He was in great humor this
week probably because of his Birthday. Princess worked
just as hard finishing up a bunch of lessons on Blackboard.

It has been two years now of working along side superboy
to get him to become more organized. I think I am finally
beginning to see some progress. At times I wanted to
just let him be a mess. I don't want messiness to be
a problem for his one day family. I can see how that creates
stress for people. This is not something I want for his
future. There are larger problems in our lives to handle.
It has taken much effort from me to get him organized.
It is a constant job of checking and rechecking. As I
speak his clothes from last night are sitting at his computer
desk. If I blink for a second he forgets. I have to remind
him continually to take baths and brush his teeth. Although
I assume that is normal for an 11 year old boy, soon
enough I probably won't be able to get him out of the

It was a trying week too in that I got news I didn't really
like. It was rather difficult to take. I won't share here but
I know many of you pray for our family and will ask for
strength in what our future will bring. We are also on the
verge of another big change . Hopefully I can bring good news in a
few days. Our family is in need of some good news and yet
if it doesn't come we will continue on.

We'll off to our Saturday. Generally I do the same
thing every week. Clean the house, prepare lessons for
home , church, co-op and clubs for work. It's a long process.
One I am hoping to get a break from soon. I need
something fun to jump in there and create a fun change.



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