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Thursday, March 3, 2011


I created this vocabulary sheet very simple but will be so
effective while practicing his first 4 units. We are using
the Sadlier Oxford color levels. This is level Orange.
Superboy needs more practice than is in his workbook.
Here are a list of ideas in using this simple worksheet...

1. Reading- Practice reading by going down the rows.
If he reads a word correctly he can place a bean on the
word to mark the word correct. You can keep track of
the words read at the bottom of the page and try to
improve daily.

2. Highlight words read- Take a highlighter and highlight
the words that are called out. You can call out specific
colors to make things more fun. You can change it up by
saying a pink square around stun. Maybe create a pattern.

3. Definition match- Call out the definition and match
them to the word. Try to get four definitions in a row
correct. Highlight or mark with a bean, button, eraser

4. Definition- How many X and O can you get. Have
your child choose a word. Read it and tell the definition.
If they are correct they write an X over the word if they
are incorrect they write an O. See how many X's you can

Lastly upon viewing the vocabulary site I realized that
they have games for each leveled book. You can find
Them at Vocabulary color levels. If you want to print
out my simple worksheet look on the sidebar in my
file4share folder.



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