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Monday, March 14, 2011

Simple Women's Daybook

Today is...
March 14, 2011

Outside My Window....

It's dark again this morning. I meet each morning
with smiles and watch the sun come up.
I hear cars moving about so the world is coming

Weekend at a Glance.....
Friday nite we went out to eat just dad and I.
I can't remember how long it's been since
we went somewhere together. It was nice to
eat out and then we went shopping for Superboys
Birthday. Saturday then we had a mini party a little
late but better late than never. His favorite gift I
think was a pile of pipe cleaners. He loves making
animals from them. Hes like the balloon animal guy
of pipe cleaners.

Church services, hanging out at home relaxing.

Health Care....
Still no meds for dad. Taxes came in but not
sure after paying everyone if we will make it. The
end of the month will tell.

From the learning rooms...

Spirit age 5-Outer space activities, planets
stars and rocket ships , and St. Patricks day.

Superboy age 10-
History- History of US book 1 Native American study
Science- Water Shed
Math- Story problems and fractions
Literature- Reading animal stories from a magazine
Grammar- Pronouns
Spelling- Barton book 5 lesson 2
Practicing spelling from book 3 and 1,000 word list.
Also working in

Princess age 13-
History- Beginning world history.
Math= Adding and subtracting decimals
Literature-Reading poetry
Grammar- direct objects
Science- Life Cycles

I am wearing...
Capris and a purple shirt

I am hearing ...
TV Dad is watching something on there. Sounds
interesting. The kids are sleeping and sweet pea
is sleeping on dad.

Favorite things.....

Big Jar of Change.

I am Thankful for...

Our van may be fixed. It looked like the
pump was leaking and I mentioned it to Dad.
So we got a new one and him and his dad put it on.
It has been 2 days and so far it seems like it's ok.
Time will tell.

3 morning off work to get Princess to testing.

I am praying for...

Financial issues-
We may have a lead for a job for Dad. We
are now just awaiting a response. This job
would be perfect for him as there would be no lifting.

family health concerns

Grace to live in the moment and have a positive heart.

Seeking courage and Patience

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week
Princess testing
Thursday- Wear green St. Patricks day
Friday-Saturday- Church rummage sale
Sunday- Services
(might take princess and friends to the movies Sat. or sun.)



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