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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Outer Space

We have trekked into the sphere of the unknown and have come
back to tell you about it. This unit was a huge hit. Spirit loved
every moment of it. I have a few photos to share but most of the
lessons I pulled from came from other talented families.
It was so easy to prepare. Thank-you to all those that shared
their hard work for us to have an easy fun unit. I began the unit by
splitting it up into manageable activities. I started inward and moved
out. We began with the Earth itself . Then
moved to the moon, the sun, Star, planets and the Galaxy. In
no particular order here...

We did start out with a poster that read.... Things I know . Things I'd like
To know. Spirit knew what existed in space but nothing more.
Now he knows how the earth moves around the sun. That the sun
is a star, and much more.

Making Learning Fun has this great dot paint page. We used
pom pom balls to create the A. You can also find Build a Rocket
which Spirit Absolutely loved. He played over and over you can find
that at this link Making Learning Fun

This activity with the paper Rocket is mine. We used shapes
to create the rocket then Spirit Wrote his name on each Square.
He glued his name on and added some fun glitter stickers from
walmart. This neat fun easy activity is now hanging on our refrigerator.

I printed out these stars from the
Man on the Moon from Musings of Me
printable activities. We used some wooden stars
we had to add and subtract stars using our addition
and subtraction dice.

Counting Coconuts has a wonderful song to help your child learn
the 8 planets. (I am still stuck on 9 from the old thinking that pluto was
a planet)

You will also find here at Counting Coconuts Star pasta pouring, spooning
marbles (they look like mini planets) earth lacing, sifting for planets
Space playdough, memory match, Tracing constellations
and a wonderful Sensory tub. There is so much more here you
have to look to see it all.

If you have older children they might be interested
in doing this Space Lapbook from a Squido lens.

Miss Renee's Kindergaten Space Unit

Little Giraffes Sky Unit

First School and Outer Space

Homeschool Creations Astronaunt Preschool pack

Prekinders space theme

Solar System Preschool {& beyond} Pack from 1+1+1=1
Man on the Moon from Musings of Me

Enjoy exploring things Out of this world.



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