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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!

I Ran all of our rummage to the church today. It took the kids
and I an hour to load the van, 20 minutes to drive there,
10 minutes to unload and another 20 min. drive back. Now I
have this nice big space in my attic.. Hmm what to store there now.
We used our entire alloted time for lunch break to move around
our junk. That will teach us to not save so many things for no reason.

I did find a little box of little board books just right for sweet pea.
She was so excited about them. She sat and looked at
the pictures and sorted them in her little hands. Only to drift
off to sleep a little while later.

Stop by for some neat St. Patrick's day
math ideas.

5 Fun Facts about St. Patrick's Day....

1. Saint Patrick was from Britain. He was forced into slavery
in Ireland . He was converted while there to Christainity.

2. The Shamrock is used to explain the Trinity.
Father , Son , and Holy Ghost.

3. People In Ireland don't generally wear green on St.
Patricks day.

4. Festivities in Ireland last 5 days including arts shows,
plays, concerts and fairs.

5. St. Patrick's day is a a day of rest.

I agree One big playroom by Teacher Tom
I am loving this blog.

Have a Happy Green day.



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