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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Funny things They Say....

5 is that Great age of Silly. The things that come out
of the mouths of the wee one.

Spirit: Mom how do we know that Sweet Pea is a girl?

Mom: Well, lets see there are things about us that
are the same and things that are different.
(hoping he figures this out on his own by thinking it through)

Spirit: Like what?

Princess: (chiming in) I have eyes, and you have eyes,
I have ears and you have ears, I have a mouth and you
have a mouth. I have lungs and... (Pauses for Spirit to finish
the sentence)

Spirit: That's It I don't have lungs!!

Well I guess that solves it. End of discussion.

Comes to me squeezing his tummy..

Spirit- Mom Check out my Abs. Princess says
I have Abs.

Mom- Really

Spirit- Yes and look at my muscles. I'm so strong
I can pick up Baby Sweet pea..

Have a lovely weekend.



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