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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

10 Second Tag

This game is a great game for groups and keeps the kids
moving. Especially good for Wiggly kids.

Supplies needed: Whistle
Large group of wiggly children

Playing area- Narrow down a game area.
We use half of a basketball court and use
cones to determine the area.

How to play:

Count children off by 2s, so that you have two
teams. One team will be the taggers and the
others will try not to be tagged. The children
being tagged can run anywhere in the playing
area. The taggers line up and will run one at
a time. When the whistle is blown one tagger
will run out into the play area and try to tag
someone. They have ten seconds to tag a runner.
If they tag a runner . The tagged person gets in
line behind the other taggers. The person that tagged
the runner gets to now be the runner. The Leader
blows the whistle every 10 seconds to keep
the game moving. At each 10 second and new runner
is in play. Very active and coaches watch
the blowing 10 seconds it can make you light



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