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Monday, February 7, 2011

Simple Womens Daybook

Today is...
February 7, 2011

Outside My Window....
It is sunny and a warm 42 degrees. Warm for
the weather we have been having. I don't
want to wish my life away but I am looking forward
to warmer weather and fairer skies.

Weekend at a Glance.....
Planned school and watched some movies on Stars
I didn't clean up the house and I am certainly paying
for it today. (Monday)

Attended church services as usual. Taught Sunday
school this week and realized how much I miss teaching
it. I had a great time with the kids.

Took a nap
and then watched the superbowl.

Dad made some little snacks for the event.

Health Care....

Good news. Dad is released with his hand.
He has 80% of his bone back and 95% of his grip.
He still has some pain but that is something
he will have to live with. They said they could do
surgery to attach the tendons but since its not
necessary it would cost more than we have. It is
bothersome to him but he can do this creepy thing
where his finger randomly pops into an odd angle
and scares people into thinking something is
terribly wrong. Course he grins and pops it back.

From the learning rooms...

Spirit age 5-Outer space activities, planets
stars and rocket ships

Superboy age 10-
History- History of US book 1 Native American study
Science- Water Shed
Math- Angles, Geometry will finish and start
mulitplying fractions
Literature- Robinson Crusoe
Grammer- Nounds
Spelling- snow words and Barton reading and
spelling book 4 lesson 12

Princess age 13-
History- States and Capitals
Math= Adding and subtracting decimals
Literature-Bible stories
Grammer- direct odjects
Science- Life Cycles

I am wearing...
Jeans and Black work shirt. We are required
to wear SGRPRC Shirts to indicate we are staff.
I tend to wear mine all day instead of changing
twice into it.

I am hearing ...
Superboy solving his math in a whisper.
Baby Talking and the others snacking.

Favorite things.....
Teacher guides for Geometry. I have never been all
that good at Geometry.

Organization, which I don't seem to have at the
moment. One thing at a time and it will be.

42 degree temperatures. Its been awhile since
I've seen that 4 at the beginning . Hope we go
higher soon.

I am Thankful for...

Van that is still running with the power steering leak.

Snuggles from Sweet pea

That my children are Home.

I am praying for...

Financial issues, family health concerns

Grace to live in the moment and have a positive heart.

seeking courage


Adding this week Praying for Heart
as she seems to be trying out her independence
which is a good thing but a little scary too.

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Wednesday- Special reading session for superboy
Thursday-Another special reading session
Friday - Co-op
Saturday- Church Spaghetti dinner
Sunday- Services



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