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Monday, February 28, 2011

Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe is a novel written by Daniel Defoe in 1719.
The book is a fictional autobiography of the title character—
a castaway who spends 28 years on a remote tropical island near
Venezuela, encountering Native Americans, captives and
mutineers before being rescued. You can read Crusoe online.

I did this lesson a few years ago with my daughter but It
wasn't as enjoyed as it is now with Superboy. Some of you
may remember it if you followed me from my old blog that
was deleted. Wish I had many of those post. Anyway...

The idea is to create an artifact every few chapters. You
can set the pace. Superboy however was so adament about
creating the actual scene that that is what he did. See
below. I love his rendition of what the island looked like
to him. He is always so creative. The feathers creation
is the island and the shell creation to the side is the
cave or "castle" as it's called in the book. You will also
see the ship, a Native American and a sword.

This is a larger artifact that was created from the story
as Crusoe sends a message in a bottle in the hopes
of being found.

This is Superboys Version of the island. He can
explain it to someone but was more interested
in trying to make the paper look old.
He created a poster too. Below is a drawing from the poster.
He also wrote 3 describing words and a paragraph but
he is shy about showing his writing so I'll let that part out.

This was a great adventure story for Boys. I hope to
read more like it with him.



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