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Friday, February 4, 2011

Parallel Play

Spirit pulled out his farm set made by Melissa and Doug.
He plays with it on occasion but the surprise was that
Sweet pea went and got her farm, Which is a homemade
farm created by her great great aunt.

I was so excited to see Sweet pea moving from
individual play to parallel play. Often
times she will play alone or if she does play
with the others it's almost like a bear
cub playing, Rolling around and giggling. So
far not with toys. She hasn't learned about
sharing and often takes things from the other
children. This I know is normal.

It was so exciting to see her choose a similar
toy as Spirit and play farm right along side him.
She did get a little frustrated once when the animals
didn't want to go back in the barn for her. Captured
below. It is always wonderful to see her experience
a new milestone.



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