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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Long Week...

The last two weeks including this one feels like one
long weeks. I suppose I got a little to used to all those
snowdays with my job. Now I'm back working just as I
was before. No more school delays for me and it looks
like the weather is going to clear up early.

One of my favorite students no longer needs care. It's bitter
sweet to see him go. I know that he will be much
happier at home instead of spending time before
and after school. You can see it in his eyes how excited
he is to be home with his mom during that time instead
of sitting at school. I plan to get him a special treat
for his departure on Friday. The kids there have been
working on some cute little puffy friendship balls.
I have no way to explain them. I"ll have to share a
photo another day. We call them friendship coochies.
I sort of made it up but they are loving them and have
made them all week long.

My home is a literal mess. I have so much cleaning
to do. The kids all have their regular chores but
somehow when I am really busy it's just not enough.
It can hold out for a few days and then wham it gets
behind. Luckily though I have off work Monday and Tuesday
for Presidents day so I plan to do some cleaning . I hope
to gather our rummage for the church sale in March too.
Time to toss it out!!

School is going wonderfully everyone is working so hard,
course the mess I was telling you about has piled in there
too, all over the desks. I know it will only take a few
minutes to clean it up but it's finding that few minutes.
I suppose I could do it now.

Heart has been working extra hours at the pizza
resturant and fabulous news she got into the College
that she wanted!! Whoo hoo.. Now for all of the
paper work that goes along with college.

I honestly feel like I have a line by my bed when
I wake up in the morning. Like I have to solve every
problem and do each task that comes my way. For example
today so far looks like this and it's only 12:00.
5:30- find yarn for work
6-8 work - resolve conflicts, hug hurt child,
gather forms, hand out forms, tie string, cut
string, who is having breakfast, etc..
9- Dad needs resume printed and hair cut
add to list for later , check on lessons, solve
math issue
10- take heart to bank and work, stop at post office
11- check math work and morning work.
look at supplies needed for co-op for shopping today
print out sunday school material
find lunch.

Oh and the day isnt done. I still have much more to do..
If you need me line up.



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