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Monday, February 28, 2011

Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe is a novel written by Daniel Defoe in 1719.
The book is a fictional autobiography of the title character—
a castaway who spends 28 years on a remote tropical island near
Venezuela, encountering Native Americans, captives and
mutineers before being rescued. You can read Crusoe online.

I did this lesson a few years ago with my daughter but It
wasn't as enjoyed as it is now with Superboy. Some of you
may remember it if you followed me from my old blog that
was deleted. Wish I had many of those post. Anyway...

The idea is to create an artifact every few chapters. You
can set the pace. Superboy however was so adament about
creating the actual scene that that is what he did. See
below. I love his rendition of what the island looked like
to him. He is always so creative. The feathers creation
is the island and the shell creation to the side is the
cave or "castle" as it's called in the book. You will also
see the ship, a Native American and a sword.

This is a larger artifact that was created from the story
as Crusoe sends a message in a bottle in the hopes
of being found.

This is Superboys Version of the island. He can
explain it to someone but was more interested
in trying to make the paper look old.
He created a poster too. Below is a drawing from the poster.
He also wrote 3 describing words and a paragraph but
he is shy about showing his writing so I'll let that part out.

This was a great adventure story for Boys. I hope to
read more like it with him.


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Simple women's daybook

* I'm back. Sorry for the little break in there. I am getting back into
the routine of educating my children and working part time again.
With all the poor weather I had off of work so many days that
when it was time to get back to it I guess it took me a little to
readjust. Somehow though I'm back and organized as ever.
I am definitely more together than I was at the beginning
of this school year, which is rather odd for me, typically I tend
to fall off toward the end of the year. This year I'm
still going strong or even more strong. :)

Today is...
February 27, 2011

Outside My Window....
Well honestly it is dark. It's 6 am. I tend
to wake before the sun weather I like it or not.
Everyone else in my family are night owls. How
I became a morning person I'll never know.
I've been up since 4:30 am. The little ones
are up watching Nick Jr.

Weekend at a Glance.....
Was my planning and organizing day as it has been
for awhile now. I'd like to take the day and relax but
I suppose that is what Sunday is for. I planned our lessons
filled out college loan form, planned Sunday school
and nursery crafts, cleaned the house all though it wasn't
to bad, took Heart to work, got groceries and watched
a movie on OWN.

Today we will attended church services, work in the
nursery and assist with Sunday school. I have to
redo a bulletin board while I'm there.
Then home to work on some prep for Barton
and relax with the kids for the afternoon. I've
been thinking about pulling out a big puzzle for the
family to get into.

Health Care....
Well, we tried new avenues in trying to qualify
for medical help. Apparently we make to much money
because we don't seem to qualify for anything. We
were able to write off expenses on our taxes.

Dad has been without meds for over a month.
Last night he scared me with a blood sugar level of 600.
It's down now but I know if we don't get his meds soon he will
be in the hospital again. It's sort of a viscous circle.
Luckily our taxes will be here in about 10 days and
then we will be able to get them for one more month.

From the learning rooms...

Spirit age 5-Outer space activities, planets
stars and rocket ships

Superboy age 10-
History- History of US book 1 Native American study
Science- Water Shed
Math- Multiplying and dividing fractions
Literature- Reading animal stories from a magazine
Grammar- Pronouns
Spelling- Barton book 5 lesson 1
Practicing spelling from book 3 and 1,000 word list.

Princess age 13-
History- Beginning world history.
Math= Adding and subtracting decimals
Literature-Reading Dragon Wings
Grammar- direct objects
Science- Life Cycles

I am wearing...
Jeans that I threw on after my bath until I get
ready for church and my focus shirt from co-op. It's
sort of big on me so I often wear it to bed.

I am hearing ...
Nick Jr. and toys rattling.

Favorite things.....
My dads cell phone. Thanks for letting me use it. I
think I'm liking it to much.

Big jar of pennies

My day planner

Tax refunds

warmer weather say 40s-50s
Looking forward to spring.

I am Thankful for...

Van that is still running with the power steering leak.
May have finally figured out the leak.

Silly things Sweet pea does.

rainy days

Fun laughs with Heart

Superboys clean room.

Spirits energy

Princess organizational skills

Dads meals

I am praying for...

Financial issues, family health concerns

Grace to live in the moment and have a positive heart.

Seeking courage and Patience

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Tuesday- Superboys special reading session
Thursday- Superboys birthday
Friday- Co-op
Sunday- services ,Frogs in the evening.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Long Week...

The last two weeks including this one feels like one
long weeks. I suppose I got a little to used to all those
snowdays with my job. Now I'm back working just as I
was before. No more school delays for me and it looks
like the weather is going to clear up early.

One of my favorite students no longer needs care. It's bitter
sweet to see him go. I know that he will be much
happier at home instead of spending time before
and after school. You can see it in his eyes how excited
he is to be home with his mom during that time instead
of sitting at school. I plan to get him a special treat
for his departure on Friday. The kids there have been
working on some cute little puffy friendship balls.
I have no way to explain them. I"ll have to share a
photo another day. We call them friendship coochies.
I sort of made it up but they are loving them and have
made them all week long.

My home is a literal mess. I have so much cleaning
to do. The kids all have their regular chores but
somehow when I am really busy it's just not enough.
It can hold out for a few days and then wham it gets
behind. Luckily though I have off work Monday and Tuesday
for Presidents day so I plan to do some cleaning . I hope
to gather our rummage for the church sale in March too.
Time to toss it out!!

School is going wonderfully everyone is working so hard,
course the mess I was telling you about has piled in there
too, all over the desks. I know it will only take a few
minutes to clean it up but it's finding that few minutes.
I suppose I could do it now.

Heart has been working extra hours at the pizza
resturant and fabulous news she got into the College
that she wanted!! Whoo hoo.. Now for all of the
paper work that goes along with college.

I honestly feel like I have a line by my bed when
I wake up in the morning. Like I have to solve every
problem and do each task that comes my way. For example
today so far looks like this and it's only 12:00.
5:30- find yarn for work
6-8 work - resolve conflicts, hug hurt child,
gather forms, hand out forms, tie string, cut
string, who is having breakfast, etc..
9- Dad needs resume printed and hair cut
add to list for later , check on lessons, solve
math issue
10- take heart to bank and work, stop at post office
11- check math work and morning work.
look at supplies needed for co-op for shopping today
print out sunday school material
find lunch.

Oh and the day isnt done. I still have much more to do..
If you need me line up.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Straddle Ball

Number of players:

Straddle ball is a fun game to be played and
simple. It can be played with 2 or more players.

Playground ball

How to play:

Children form a circle with legs spread apart in a standing
straddle position. Your legs are planted now and can not move.
Players keep the ball moving by trying to roll the ball between
the other players legs. When the ball comes to you, you are not
to hold the ball but hit it toward the opponent's legs. Each player
scores on their own how many legs they pass through. You
may block the ball coming toward your legs by hitting it away
toward someone else.

This is a very good exercise to work on the muscles in the back
of the legs and hand eye coordination.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Simple Womens Daybook

Today is...
February 7, 2011

Outside My Window....
It is sunny and a warm 42 degrees. Warm for
the weather we have been having. I don't
want to wish my life away but I am looking forward
to warmer weather and fairer skies.

Weekend at a Glance.....
Planned school and watched some movies on Stars
I didn't clean up the house and I am certainly paying
for it today. (Monday)

Attended church services as usual. Taught Sunday
school this week and realized how much I miss teaching
it. I had a great time with the kids.

Took a nap
and then watched the superbowl.

Dad made some little snacks for the event.

Health Care....

Good news. Dad is released with his hand.
He has 80% of his bone back and 95% of his grip.
He still has some pain but that is something
he will have to live with. They said they could do
surgery to attach the tendons but since its not
necessary it would cost more than we have. It is
bothersome to him but he can do this creepy thing
where his finger randomly pops into an odd angle
and scares people into thinking something is
terribly wrong. Course he grins and pops it back.

From the learning rooms...

Spirit age 5-Outer space activities, planets
stars and rocket ships

Superboy age 10-
History- History of US book 1 Native American study
Science- Water Shed
Math- Angles, Geometry will finish and start
mulitplying fractions
Literature- Robinson Crusoe
Grammer- Nounds
Spelling- snow words and Barton reading and
spelling book 4 lesson 12

Princess age 13-
History- States and Capitals
Math= Adding and subtracting decimals
Literature-Bible stories
Grammer- direct odjects
Science- Life Cycles

I am wearing...
Jeans and Black work shirt. We are required
to wear SGRPRC Shirts to indicate we are staff.
I tend to wear mine all day instead of changing
twice into it.

I am hearing ...
Superboy solving his math in a whisper.
Baby Talking and the others snacking.

Favorite things.....
Teacher guides for Geometry. I have never been all
that good at Geometry.

Organization, which I don't seem to have at the
moment. One thing at a time and it will be.

42 degree temperatures. Its been awhile since
I've seen that 4 at the beginning . Hope we go
higher soon.

I am Thankful for...

Van that is still running with the power steering leak.

Snuggles from Sweet pea

That my children are Home.

I am praying for...

Financial issues, family health concerns

Grace to live in the moment and have a positive heart.

seeking courage


Adding this week Praying for Heart
as she seems to be trying out her independence
which is a good thing but a little scary too.

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Wednesday- Special reading session for superboy
Thursday-Another special reading session
Friday - Co-op
Saturday- Church Spaghetti dinner
Sunday- Services

Friday, February 4, 2011

Parallel Play

Spirit pulled out his farm set made by Melissa and Doug.
He plays with it on occasion but the surprise was that
Sweet pea went and got her farm, Which is a homemade
farm created by her great great aunt.

I was so excited to see Sweet pea moving from
individual play to parallel play. Often
times she will play alone or if she does play
with the others it's almost like a bear
cub playing, Rolling around and giggling. So
far not with toys. She hasn't learned about
sharing and often takes things from the other
children. This I know is normal.

It was so exciting to see her choose a similar
toy as Spirit and play farm right along side him.
She did get a little frustrated once when the animals
didn't want to go back in the barn for her. Captured
below. It is always wonderful to see her experience
a new milestone.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Indoor Snow

The kids and I decided to create some fun snowflakes. We
took coffee filters and folded them in half and in half again.
Then cut little triangles and hearts from them.
The children used markers on them to add color.
(if you do add color lay paper or wax paper underneath
the snowflakes)

Then we had the idea to string some yarn across our
hall and display all of our flakes. Spirit did a few
paper cut outs from a coloring book.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dancing Art

Superboys latest disco dancers. His assignement
was to use construction paper or patterned paper
to create dancers. He did a fabulous job.
I hope next week to show some of his sketches
from his sketch book. This morning
I went by and saw a really awesome
spiderman. He draws in it all the time it's hard
to get it from him for photos.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sno Tubing

Dad took the boys on Saturday up to the old school
to go sno tubing. The hills are huge. Many of the
local children go alone but we won't allow them
to without an adult supervising.

Spirit pulling both tubes up the hill.

The girls and I stayed behind. I guess they aren't
interested in being cold. Sweet pea was napping.

Superboy is more conservative when sledding. He
might go halfway up the hill and then sled down.

Spirit is less reserved and we have to watch him a little.
Below he hit a ramp the older kids made and loved
every second of it. He did not fall off.

If you have snow in your area I hope you are
making the best of it too.


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