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Saturday, January 8, 2011

What Can one day hold?

Yesterday was such an odd day. It was
one of those feels like it's never going to end
type of days. You know I often think when I feel
like this that I should be enjoying this day. Instead
I am wishing it away. Did you ever hear the country
song that goes Your going to miss this. You going
to want this day back. I wonder.

I woke with a mild headache. It bothered me all day.
I took some Tylenol but it still was needling and
sometimes rather painful. Nothing could keep me
down though I have to much to do. Especially on
a weekday. I happened to look out the window
as I went to shower and there it was snow.
Now I'm thinking I better hurry so I can leave early
for work. I checked my email to see if there were
any school delays. I didn't see anything so I left.
I get to the school and they are plowing. I wait
and park. As I sit there I hear 2 hour delay. I wonder
If I am supposed to be there or not. I can't
recall from our orientation way back in September
what before care is to do in the event of snow.
I go in at my regular time and find the message
on the phone says I should have stayed home.
I had to laugh at myself since I stressed about
driving in it and now I have to drive back.
Dad and I had a laugh about it.

Later in the morning I call to straighten out
a bank problem and somehow they issued
the money we were supposed to have into daddy's
name. He always likes me to handle things so it's
typically in my name. We have to jog out and
are issued a card in his name to retrieve
the funds. I thought it would take an hour took
5 minutes. We came home had lunch and
then headed out to co-op.

Our co-op was fun and uneventful but I always
feel rushed because we leave 15 min. early
so I can get to after care on time. I drop
the kids off at moms for a visit and head
to work. By now my headache is raging so I
take 2 Tylenol. The kids (after care) were in the
weekend mood but went pretty quickly and
home I could go. I was so ready for Bed.

By 10:00 pm baby wakes me to vomiting.
She seems fine this morning. Hoping it holds.
Do I want that day back. Not so sure about
that one. Amazingly though the kids also
got the basic school lessons completed
math, and Literature.

Today we will possibly venture out in the snow
for some groceries, clean up the house and
I need to grade some papers.

Have a great weekend all.


  1. WOW Nikki- you really don't ever know what a day will hold but at least we know who hold each day in His hands! I hope today your day is much better!

  2. Hi Nikki, what a time you've had! I'm stopping by from the workbox group!

  3. It never ends. I hope all are feeling better soon. :)

  4. Stopping by from workboxes and now following:) Sounds like you had a rough day hope you find some peace this weekend:) If you have a chance stop by and say on on my blog:)


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