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Friday, January 28, 2011

Tennis Ball SMASH

Supplies Needed:
15 cones for each team (30)
or you can use toilet or paper towel tubes
You could also use paper cups or soda cans.
Something to balance the tennis balls on.
Equal number of Tennis balls + 1 for each player

If playing with one child you could probably
have 6-8 cones or tubes and 6-8+1 tennis ball
or any ball that can balance on the tube.


Have children line up the cones on each playing side.
They will balance one ball on top of each cone.
You can have a relay race to get the balls on the
cones and see which team gets them there the fastest.

Once the balls are all balanced. Children stand behind
their cones area, Each holding a tennis ball.
Children then throw the tennis ball into the cones to
try to make all of the opposing teams balls fall.
The winning team has all the balls down before the
other team.

If playing individually your child can try to get the
balls from the cones and then reset and play again.



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