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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Simple Womens Daybook -- Snow

Today is...
January 22, 2010

Outside My Window....
It is freezing out there. -10 degrees at the
moment. I don't even want to think about
having to go out there.

Weekend at a Glance.....
Ran errands, Same old same old this weekend.
Nothing new.

Health Care....

Still out of meds but only because
dad hasn't call them in. Hopefully I can get
him to do it on Monday.

From the learning rooms...

Spirit age 5-Outer space activities, planets
stars and rocket ships

Superboy age 10-
History- History of US book 1 Native American study
Science- Starting new book next week.
Math- Angles, Geometry
Literature- reading Henry Higgings by Beverly Cleary
Grammer- Quotation marks and how to use them.
Spelling- snow words and Barton reading and
spelling book 4

Princess age 13-
History- One more assignment and then
moving on to a new book in history
Math= pre alg. exponets
Literature-short stories with a political view
Grammer- direct odjects
Science-Cell life

I am wearing...
PJs , a sweater and have a blanket on. So cold
today. I can't seem to get warm.

I am hearing ...
silence. Everyone is sleeping.

Favorite things.....
Quiet moments like this one.

I am Thankful for...

Van that is still running with the power steering leak.

Hugs from girls

Trust from and unexpected person


Biblical talks

My Dads cell phone. Thanks for letting
me use it mom.

I am praying for...

Prayers for our church coordinator and his wife as they
are both experiencing health issues. Church coordinator
has had some bad reports. Things are getting
worse for him.

Financial issues, family health concerns

Grace to live in the moment and have a positive heart.

Keeping these the same this week and adding...

seeking courage

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Friday - Dr. appointment
Sunday- Services and youth



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