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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Sweet Pea is just about 15 Months old.

This morning she surprised me as we were cuddling.
She pointed right to my nose and said the words.
I then asked her where her eyes were and she found
those on her little darling face and then pointed to mine.
She did the same with her mouth but couldn't find
those little ears. I found her ears for her and she giggled.
She is always so happy and smiling.

She has a terrible tummy bug that has had her down
and out for 4 days now. Yet her smile is still in place.
She's such a sweety. Which made me think of how
she has grown and change. How I haven't had the time to
document them. So today... She is learning new things
everyday and here are a few things that make her special.

-Opening our kitchen cabinets
-putting clothes pins into a jar
-LOVES looking at books and pointing to the pictures.
-Cries for Momma when I'm gone.
-Pats your back when you hug her.
-rocks in a rocking chair
- If you ask her to get her doll she does
-She feeds and rocks her dolly
-loves playing with her new kitchen food
-Likes trying on necklaces and bracelets
-Eats mini meals all day. Small snack type foods
-Hates her milk. I have to almost force her to
drink some.
-Is starting to acknowledge when she is wet
-Brushes the hair from her face in a cute way
and does the same to others
-Pretends to talk on the phone and loves cell phones
-Fusses when anyone leaves the room. I think
she is afraid she is missing something.

I am blessed to have all of you to share
in her learning and ability.



  1. It's amazing to me how time will go by and I'll realize my son now knows something and I never even realized when he learned it!

    "Eyes" was one of his first words and it's still what he calls all facial features. He'll point to the right place when you ask about nose or mouth, but they're still all called eyes.

    I think my happiest moment was when I saw him to pretend play for the first time-- making pretend food and eating it. Now he feeds his stuffed animals, so cute.


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